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Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Festival Time

Well, I think I've now covered everything we did last weekend except our church's annual Fall Festival!
I will never ever forget taking Legree to his first Fall Festival there last year. You might ask why? Well, not just because it was his first but of what he did when we left!! I was particularly impressed that he stayed up and alert as long as he did. At that time Legree was only 4 months old and could only stay up 2-3 hours at a time before he needed a nap again. Well, he didn't want to go to sleep all he wanted to do was look at all the kids. When we finally left around 830 (wayyyy past his bed time) he screamed bloody murder! And he NEVER crys in his car seat. That's his most favorite place on earth, especially then. Legree used to have reflux really bad and the only place he was really comfortable to sleep in was his car seat. So, anytime he got in it he usually went RIGHT to sleep. Not this time... he screamed almost the whole ride home! It was so crazy! It was like he was sooo mad at us for making him leave the fun. Here's a picture of Grandaddy Jack and his little Roo last year...

Anyways, he had a ball this year too! He loved the bouncey house, the hayride and all the kids! He thought he could play the games too, but he's still a little young for that! Anyways, here are some pictures...
Jumping in the bounce house... there were LOTS of hysterics going on when we took him out...
Mommy even borrowed a costume from the Pastor's wife and dressed as Wilma from the Flinstones... but daddy wouldn't play along!
Mommy and Legree on the hay ride

Now, some Trunk or Treating...But I don't think you're supposed to get INTO the trunk to treat!


  1. Thanks! I wish we had got a better picture of us, and got Ben to wear the Fred Flinstone costume... ohh well!