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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Some cute things before I forget

I do...

For quite some time now Legree has been using "I do" to replace his "yes". For example, do you want to eat lunch? "I do". Do you want to color? "I do". It's so funny and cute! Now that he's in school he's started to say "yes" more because I guess he's finally realized that that is the correct response. I never corrected him because we all thought it was so cute and part of him!

I want to pick APPLES!....

We went to the mountains for a quick day trip this past weekend. We had talked about going to pick apples while we were up there. They also talked about apples at his school this past week. Well, I guess Legree latched onto that idea and all weekend all we heard over and over again was " I want to pick APPPPLLLESS!". Too cute!

I'm scared of....

Lately Legree is "scared" of everything. Really he's not scared of anything (except Ben's uncle John for some unknown reason). But instead of saying he doesn't want something he says he's scared of it. I offered him some bread with pumpkin butter on it the other day and instead of saying no or I don't want it he proclamied he was "scared" of pumpkin butter and started screaming when I got it near him. What a mess!!

Legree has started to potty train some now too! Another plus from going to school! He usually goes potty two or three times a day (never more then that and not all the time)... but it's a start!! He also has gotten to where he does NOT want to leave his grandparents houses. If we go there for a visit he will literally grab onto the door frames screaming if we try to leave.

Okay, there's my quick Legree update... more to come!!