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Friday, July 30, 2010


I would just like to document what all I did with BOTH of the boys this past Wednesday. Why you ask? Well, because it was simply epic that I did all of this by myself! Well, not completely by myself, but read on...

Legree and I got dressed, packed and ready to go to the pool Wednesday morning. My pastor and his wife live in a neighborhood that has a community pool. She was nice enough to invite the women from our weekly Bible study over. The ladies said they'd help me with both the boys, because it'd be impossible for me to carry them in and out by myself. So, I decided to go!

So, we got everything ready. I learned from last weeks excursion with both of the boys to have snacks handy and lots of them. So I packed several different kinds and had them at the top of the bag! So, I went and picked up Ian from Megan's house. I got to the pool and loaded them both in the double stroller (the only way I could get both of them to the pool with all the bags and floats needed). We had a great time swimming, splashing and snacking!

The boys were hours past their normal nap time and exhausted so I headed out around 12:00. I dryed them both, changed them and packed up to head home. They both were asleep before I pulled out of the neighborhood! When we got home they both woke up when I carried them in. So, I set them both in their highchairs and cooked some lunch. Then I fed Legree, Ian and I all at the same time (like we do everyday). Then I knew they both needed cleaning off after being in the pool. All the cholorine and who knows what else, they needed scrubbing! So I stripped them both down, ran some water in the tub and put them both in. Ian was thrilled to be in the water again and went to splashing around. Thankfully, I still had my bathing suit on! So, I washed Ian up first, got him out dried him and changed him right by the tub so I could keep my eyes and hands on Legree. Then I cornered Ian into a baby safe area that I could still see him and washed Legree up. Then I changed him too. Then I gave Ian his bottle and put him down for a nap. Then I gave Legree his sippy cup with milk and put him down too! They both went right to sleep after all the fun... and let me tell you... so did I!! I rarely sleep during the day because well I just can't. I usually have stuff around the house to do and I just am not a good napper during the day. But I took a good 30 minute nap!!

It was fun and thankfully I had help from the other ladies there. But I was proud of myself to be brave enough to take them to the pool and strong enough to get them fed, cleaned and napped at the same time! GO ME! HAHA

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Peas and Frisbees in a sea... A recipe

So, I invented a recipe awhile back ago and thought I would share it on here. I call it "Peas and Frisbees in a Sea" OR "Trees and Frisbees in a sea" depending on what veggie you decide to use. Read the recipe to see what I mean!

1 box of family size Velvetta Shells and Cheese (or two boxes of the regular size boxes)
2 cups of peas or brocolli (whichever you prefer or have on hand)
1 package of Turkey Sausage
1/4 cup of cheese

1. Cook the Shells and cheese according the package directions
2. Cook the peas or brocolli according the the package directions
3. Slice the turkey sausage into disks and brown in a frying pan
4. Once shells and cheese are made, mix the brocolli or peas in with the shells
5. Place in baking pan and then place the disks of turkey sausage in with the shells.
6. Top with cheese
7. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes or until cheese on tops is melted

This is a super simple supper. The baking at the end isn't REALLY necessary, just makes it crisp up and adds an extra yummyness. But if you don't feel like cranking the oven on, you can just mix everything together. You get your dairy, carbs, protein and veggies in one pot! I love it! The turkey sausage is very lean and has a great flavor, so it can stand up the richness of the mac and cheese. The peas are good and sweet. If you choose brocolli it's yummy too! Most of these ingredients I have on hand all the time, so if I need a quick, easy nutritious supper this is what I go for. Ben and Legree LOVE it!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Book of Eli

So, the other night Ben and I went to Redbox to get a movie. Ben had been dying to see The Book of Eli. I didn't know really what it was about. I knew it was a "guy" movie and I wasn't too terribly interested. But since I picked last time and the movie was AWFUL I had to let him pick! Anyways, we cuddled up in bed with some popcorn and turned it on.

(Spoiler alert! You may not want to read this if you haven't seen the movie! I won't give the ending away, but I am going to talk about parts of the movie)

It started out as the typical guy movie. The end of the world and everyone is killing each other and beating each other up. Denzel Washington is the main character and he's walking out west for some reason but you don't know why for most of the movie. Eventually you find out throughout the whole movie what the deal is. There was a huge war and a "flash" (nuclear war). Whoever was fighting this war destroyed every book on earth including the Bible. This was 30 or more years before the movie was set. Mainly the only people alive still were born after this war and don't remember life as we know it now. No one knows how to read and all they know is survival. There is barely any water left for everyone to survive. There are a few older people (Denzel's character being one of them) left that remember how it used to be. God spoke to him and lead him to the only Bible left on earth. And he told him to carry it out west and he would protect him. And protect him God did! Denzel reads the Bible every night and walks completely by faith through very dangerous lands and puts his life on the line all the time to get this book out west. He has no clue where out west he's going or why, he just goes where God leads him.

If only I could have faith like that! He was blindly going where God told him to go and not really knowing why. All he knew was to protect the Bible and listen for God's instructions. He was walking through extreme danger and turmoil. I often resist God's plans for me because I don't want to or I want to take the easy way out. This movie really inspired me to listen more to God and watch for what HE wants in my life... not what I want! It also made me realize that I need to be thankful for what I have in my life. Denzel's character prays and thanks God for EVERY little thing. I don't pray nearly enough to thank God for the over abudance of joy and gifts he has given me!! We all take this life for granted. They even point that out in the movie. We throw away things now that people kill each other over in the movie. And most of them are killing to survive, not just to be mean.

I'm so proud of Hollywood to produce such a movie as this... this is what people need to see!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

There's a first time for everything...

Recently, we've had a couple of new "firsts" around here...

#1 - I took BOTH of the boys out by myself this past week!! It was a major deal for me! I've been too much of a scaredy cat to do it. The boys are both great, but the thought of it was just a little overwhelming for me. And when they were younger they were napping a lot, on different feeding schedules, etc. It was just too much! Anyways, things have settled down, they basically sleep and eat at the same time. And they are older, they need more then just playing in the living room every day. So, I picked Ian up from Meg and Drew's and we headed to the mall. I got them both in the double stroller. We walked around the mall several times. That was a work out!! Pushing about 50 lbs of baby is no joke! They had fun seeing all the people and all the people sure enjoyed seeing them!! I had to explain to everyone it seemed like that no, they aren't twins, no they aren't both mine and how old they were and there names. But that's okay, everyone loves babies, so I understand! What I learned from my experience: Be patient, bring lots of snacks and have them ready, be patient, know you are going to get stopped and asked about the babies A LOT and most importantly BE PATIENT! The boys seemed to have a good time and only got a little squirmy near the end. It did mess up our whole schedule and routine, but they survived it and they had fun! So, we're going to start trying this more often. Not every day by anymeans, but maybe once a week or so!

#2 Legree has fallen in love with a lovey! Legree has never cared much for his loveys. He has several and just never attached to any of them like some kids do. He ALWAYS played with my hair as his comfort. He still does. But recently he's been wanting his lovey. I've named it "baby".... why? I don't know! That's just what came out. Probably not the best name for a boy's lovey, but oh well! He smiles from ear to ear when I give it to him when I lay him down for a nap. And when he wakes up it's still in his arms. He also likes to carry it around for awhile after he wakes up. I never thought I'd see the day! I just hope he doesn't get REALLY attached to it like some kids do. Oh well, it's cute for now!! And I'm glad he has something other then my hair to play with because he can pull hard!!

#3 Legree slept 14 hours the other day! And the day before took a 4 hour long nap. This is amazing for Legree! He has never been much of long sleeper. At max he sleeps for 2 hours at nap time and usually 10-11 hours at night. He just isn't one of those kids that sleeps for long periods. So, for him to do this was AMAZING to me! I guess he's going through a growth spurt and needs the extra zzzs. I'm not complaining.. I enjoyed the extra time to get stuff done!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Parenting: The good, the bad, the ugly!

The Good:

Legree is learning so much these days! It seems like every day he says a new word or has a new trick up his sleeve. It's so amazing to see our little baby grow, learn and develop like this! He is such an amazing and smart little guy. He said boat today for the first time. He just recently said dog, ball and Papa. Mainly everyone and everything is "Dada" though. He doesn't want to let that word go! He says hey to everyone and waves. He points at things now. He loves to "read" all of his books. He has started liking TV now too! I don't normally let the boys watch TV during the day. I try to keep it off while they are awake because I don't want them to get used to it. But occasionally I'll turn on an Einstein or Praise Baby movie. They normally will watch for two minutes and they are off doing something else. But now Legree will sit and watch the movie! And today he even pointed out the birds and said "birr" when they came on. He LOVES Birds and gets excited to see them! And he of course made the tractor noise and donkey noise when they came on too. I just love it!!

The Bad:

Along with learning so rapidly, he has learned how to have an ATTITUDE! Oh my gosh! And it's kind of hard not to laugh at such a little person sassing at you. But you can't, as a parent you have to be stern back and let them know that's not okay. The other day I told Legree no because he was doing something wrong and he promptly looks at me and says "Nah Mama Nah". What a stinker!

The Ugly:

Legree loves to sit on a bed and jump up and down on his butt. He thinks it's heaven on earth! Anyways, the other day I was letting him do this on our bed and he "butt jumped" over to the side of our bed. So I went to reach for him before he got any further over to the edge. Well, as I was reaching he stood up and promptly started to fall over the edge of the bed! Thankfully I was able to get my hand on one of his legs. If I hadn't he would have broken or dislocated his shoulder because his whole shoulder was in the bed rail. But he did hit the bed rail with his nose pretty hard. It was devestating for me!! I'm so careful with him so for him to get hurt so bad made me feel AWFUL! I was really scared he broke his nose! It was all swollen and red. But it helped up within 2 days. I checked it constantly to make sure he wasn't in pain or showing signs of it being broken. Here's a picture of it, this was day two so it was basically healed by then. But you can see it a little...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Not do much of anything

"That's what I love about Sunday
Sing along as the choir sways
Every verse of Amazin' Grace
An' then we shake the preacher's hand
Go home into your blue jeans
Have some chicken an' some baked beans
Pick a back yard football team,
Not do much of anything:
That's what I love about Sunday."
Craig Morgan 'That's What I Love About Sunday'
All weekend long I had this one line from this song stuck in my head "Not do much of anything...". The reason why you may ask. Well, because that's what we did! But it was just so much fun. We actually did a lot. But we had no real plans or agenda this past weekend. That's pretty rare for us because we stay very busy with family and friends. While I'm not complaining about our busy schedule, it was so nice to have an 'off' weekend. We did what came to mind when we wanted to... and it was nice!
Friday night we went to the zoo with some of our friends - Lorin, Ashley and Logan. Ashley was pregnant with Logan the same time I was pregnant with Legree. We were working at the same place, but didn't really know each other at the time. We struck up a friendship solely based on the fact that we were both pregnant! I'm glad we did though because even though I'm no longer working there, we've remained great friends. Plus the boys are close in age so they like having each other around to play with! Anyways, Legree got it in his head that he wanted to walk around at the zoo and not be in his stroller. He walked and he walked and he walked some more. As a pretty new walker I was nervous he was going to fall or walk all over the place. So I tried to hold his hand, but he was having NONE of that! He's so independent already!! The twos are going to be interesting!! Anyways, he was really cute toddling around and he lead the way for all of us (adults included). It really wore him out!!
Saturday morning we all went out as a family and took a little walk around our block. Legree loved walking around on the road (we live on a road that gets very little traffic so it was perfect place for him to get his walking in). He had fun but wanted to check everyones mail box and grass out. It was neat to go on a real family walk where he wasn't in the stroller and was actually walking. After that, Legree and I went by and saw my parents for a few minutes. They hadn't seen Legree all week and were missing him. He had fun talking to them and showing out, as usual! Then we ran some errands. I let him walk all around Babies R Us and Walmart. He thinks it's great to just walk. He doesn't care where he is as long as you let him walk. But forget holding his hand our guiding him where you want to go... that doesn't work! Mr In Charge goes where he wants to go!!
Anyways, we came home and Legree took a nap. When he woke up he was not in a great mood. He has 4 teeth coming in (you can see them right on the edge of his gum line). He's been cranky off and on which is not like Legree at all, he's generally a pretty happy little guy. So, Ben and I decided we needed to do SOMETHING to distract him and make him feel better. So we thought the park was a good solution. On the way to the park we stopped at our favorite used book store. Legree loved walking up and down the aisles and crawling up on the step stools they have. That's his new favorite thing to do too, CLIMBING! Anyways, Ben got some books to read and I got Legree two new Christian baby books. After that we headed to the park. We pushed Legree on the swings, let him climb around on the playground, pick up handfulls of rock and throw it and of course WALK around!
Sunday we went to church. That was fun because it was VBS Sunday. The kids that were in VBS (104 kids, a new church record) sang songs to show what they learned this past week. It made me tear up thinking that in just two more short years Legree will be standing up there. I wonder what he'll be like? Will he still be a ham like he is now and sing the song at the top of his lungs?? Will he be shy in front of everything? Will he remember all the words?? It's so much fun to think about those things!!
Legree stayed in nursery for most of the service because Grandma was watching nusery. But Ben went and got him after the sermon to come hear the kids sing. Of course as soon as he got into church and there was one quiet moment, he rips his pacifier out of his mouth and screams "DAAAA" at the top of his lungs! Ohh how embarassing!! But it made Pastor Zahn laugh too... Legree is always competing with him on who's going to talk the most. It reminds me of when I was pregnant with him. He would always jump and push me the most when Pastor Zahn was preaching. I'd always tell Pastor Z about it then too.. .so it always tickles all of us now that he stills reacts so strongly to him!
Whenever Legree would push me and move around so during sermons, it always reminded me of John leaping in his mother's womb when Mary spoke. If anyone says that babies in the womb don't know God or aren't moved by what they hear, they are missing something! God can work any number of miracles, and he can certainly work His word on an unborn child. God says for all of us to have faith like a child. He doesn't specify what age. Obviously He knows better then we do... so I trust that even little Legree knows God and God certainly knows Legree!! Praise God for that blessing!!
So, for a not so busy weekend... it was BUSY! But it was relaxing and fun to do what we wanted when it happened. No real plans, just some good ol' fashioned family fun!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Two weeks gone...

It dawned on me this morning that about two weeks ago, I stopped nursing Legree. I nursed him for 12 months straight and I haven't really noticed I stopped! I guess that's good, since I gradually weaned him onto cow's milk I never got engorged or had much pain. I did have several "tingles" as I like to call it. Any nursing mom's out there know what I'm talking about. Basically your body saying, hey it's time to nurse.

Anyways, I LOVED being able to nurse him. I am, honestly, especially proud that I nursed him for 12 months. It was a feat and as his 1 year birthday approached I felt like I had just climbed Mount Everest or ran a marathon! I did what I had prayed and hoped I could do the whole time I was pregnant.

From the time I found out I was pregnant with Legree all I ever wanted was to have a vaginal birth AND to nurse Legree. My prayers were answered on both accounts. I read several books on nursing, took a class and did lots of research. Honestly, I was scared to death of all the problems and issues that can arise with nursing. It seems like something so "natural" should be... well, natural! I had none of those problems! Praise God!! We did have some issues with getting him latched on at first. But I used what is called a "nipple guard" and as soon as I had that on he nursed and didn't want to stop!

Now, I must give credit wear credit is due. If it weren't for the nurses and lactation consultants at Lexington Hospital encouraging me and showing me what to do (no matter how much info you read or how much you study on breastfeeding, you don't really even know how to even hold your new baby right to nurse them) I wouldn't have had such a great start. I would call them in my room at 3 am and they would come running and patiently wait while I fumbled around with my screaming baby trying to get him latched on properly. They watched, patiently waited for me and showed me but let me learn at the same time on what to do. Secondly, if it weren't Ben's mom I wouldn't have gotten as far as I did either. She was SUCH an encouragment and mentor with the nursing. She nursed Ben for about 13 months as well. Mainly because he WOULDN'T take a bottle or anything else. But she showed me that's it POSSIBLE (she's one of about 2 other people I know that breastfed for this long) and encouraged me along the way. She always reminded me how good it was for Legree and that I was doing a great job! Also, my wonderful husband encouraged me and helped me all along the way. Well, at least until the very end when he was ready as I was to have him weaned! But he always made sure I had plenty of water (something that is as essential to breastfeeding as the breast itself) and that I was comfortable as I nursed. So thank yall for the help, support and guidance.

To Legree: I hope this "gift" of nursing for your first full year of life serves you well :)! I hope you immune system is as strong as possible and all the other benefits show prevelent throughout your life. Thanks for being such a good nurser and sticking in it with me through the whole year!!

So, now after 21 months of either being pregnant with or nursing Legree... I'm free! My body is mine again!! I can eat, drink and take whatever medicine I want! YEAHHH!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Rained out in Hilton Head

Ben and I went to my good friend Julie's wedding this weekend. Not only was this Julie's most important day, but also a big step as parents for Ben and I. We left Legree with Grandma and Grandpa for the weekend... and we were 3 hours away! While, he has stayed at both sets of Grandparents at different times, he's never done it when we were more then a 20 minute drive back to him. He, of course, had a blast and didn't know the difference! But I sure missed him, and everything that happened I wish Legree could have been there to see how he would have reacted and what cute thing he would have done next.

Julie and Stoney originally had planned to be married on the beach. However, it was pouring down rain! Thankfully they found another option of getting married in the lobby area of the very nice hotel they were staying at. Of course, as soon as the wedding was over, the sun came out. I was so thankful and excited that they were able to take some pictures out on the beach. It meant so much to Julie to have at least part of the wedding out on the beach. So, if not the ceremony, at least the pictures! They got some beautiful pictures before more rain came in!

Ben and I had a horrible situation happen with our hotel room. We had a booked a really cool place to stay, more like a bed and breakfast place then a hotel. When we got there though we were informed they didn't have a room for us and we were already contacted and told this. I had never been contacted! We booked and PAID for the room through hotels.com. The lady at the front desk was extremely rude to us and unhelpful about the whole situation. So, of course I stormed out and called hotels.com. They did confirm that they had to cancel our reservation there due to a situation at the hotel. I don't know what the situation was, only that they didn't have a room for us! Needless to say, I was VERY upset... I didn't have a room and the front desk person was RUDE!! Thankfully the person I spoke to at hotels.com was VERY nice. She found us a room at the Hilton, and they gave us the room for free for the inconvience. So, I guess it all worked out, but I'm still upset! I've left several bad reviews on their websites, and am going to call the general manager of the hotel. I understand situations happen, but I should have been contacted before hand and the lady at the front desk of the hotel didn't have to be rude to me about the situation!! Ugh, I just get upset thinking about it!!

Anywho, Legree went to church with Grandpa Sunday morning and to the Bryan family reunion with my parents that afternoon. He stayed BUSY! Ben and I enjoyed the afternoon in Hilton Head. We visisted some of the roads he is currently designing in Hilton Head. I always love seeing his projects, as I don't get to very often. Then we did some shopping at a local shopping center. We enjoyed having the time to ourselves but we mostly talked about the Boo (Legree) the whole time! We finally made it back to my parents house around 5:30. Legree was thrilled to see us! He grinned from ear to ear, and that just warmed my heart, as it always does!!

He had such a good time with Grandma and Grandpa, but he was exhausted when we got home. Ben and I faught to keep him up till 6:30 but he was just distraught he was so tired! So we gave him a bath and got him to bed early.

So, anyways... Congrats to Stoney and Julie on their wedding!! And I'm so glad to have had a weekend away with just Ben and I... but am more happy to be back home with my baby!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My fond memories of the 4th...

I still can't believe that my little baby boy is 1 years old! Last July our whole family was getting together to marvel over this little miracle! I was so excited that Legree came 2 weeks early. Well, for the obvious reason of it was VERY hot and I was SO big and ready to my little boy. But also becase he made it for for his first 4th of July (it's my favorite holiday so I was secretly wishing he'd come early for it).

I'll never forget that holiday because it was the hardest night we had with Legree yet! He was up all night long crying and fussing. Nothing seemed to make him happy (we later found out he had reflux and that was probably the problem all along). Anyways, that was a Friday night and Saturday all of my brothers and sister in laws and Ben's brother and sister in law were coming in town to meet Legree. It's a yearly fourth of July tradition for my parents, Ben's brother, sis in law, niece and us to eat at Ben's parents house after the Peach Festival. So, they were sweet enough to have my two brothers, two sister in laws and my niece and nephew over too. Wow, it was a packed house! Ben and I were SOO very tired from the long night. Legree slept through everything since he had such a busy night, HAHA. It was such a special day, even if I was in a fog of sleepiness and love for my baby. Both of our families were together and all because of this sweet baby! It still makes me swell up with love, happiness and pride to think of that day!! So, I guess every 4th of July will be a special memory of our first holiday with Legree and our whole family gathering around him!!

Legree Len Lewis
July 4 2009
5 days old!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Not the brightest crayon in the box...

You know that old saying... "You aren't the brightest crayon in the box.."? Gosh I feel like that as I try to remember how to do stuff on this blog page! I'm just not good with figuring stuff out like this! It makes me feel not so bright! Ohh well, I guess someone has to be the brown crayon, right??



Monday, July 5, 2010

Welcome Post!

Welcome to my blog page!

I have been inspired by all the "bloggers" out there to start a page. I really want to chronical our family times and what is happening in our lives. The Lord has so richly blessed Ben and I with a wonderful life and a beautiful son! So I want to write this for him and our future children. Some of us are able to read journals, love notes or cards that our parents kept from when they were younger. It is my hope that my son can read this blog one day and know how much he was treasured, how in love his parents are and how much fun we had as a family!

I titled this blog as I did because it is Ben and I's hope to everyday serve the Lord in all that we do. I hope this blog will display that and even make me more aware of how to serve Him as a better Christian wife and mother!

Blessings all, Beth