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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Parenting: The good, the bad, the ugly!

The Good:

Legree is learning so much these days! It seems like every day he says a new word or has a new trick up his sleeve. It's so amazing to see our little baby grow, learn and develop like this! He is such an amazing and smart little guy. He said boat today for the first time. He just recently said dog, ball and Papa. Mainly everyone and everything is "Dada" though. He doesn't want to let that word go! He says hey to everyone and waves. He points at things now. He loves to "read" all of his books. He has started liking TV now too! I don't normally let the boys watch TV during the day. I try to keep it off while they are awake because I don't want them to get used to it. But occasionally I'll turn on an Einstein or Praise Baby movie. They normally will watch for two minutes and they are off doing something else. But now Legree will sit and watch the movie! And today he even pointed out the birds and said "birr" when they came on. He LOVES Birds and gets excited to see them! And he of course made the tractor noise and donkey noise when they came on too. I just love it!!

The Bad:

Along with learning so rapidly, he has learned how to have an ATTITUDE! Oh my gosh! And it's kind of hard not to laugh at such a little person sassing at you. But you can't, as a parent you have to be stern back and let them know that's not okay. The other day I told Legree no because he was doing something wrong and he promptly looks at me and says "Nah Mama Nah". What a stinker!

The Ugly:

Legree loves to sit on a bed and jump up and down on his butt. He thinks it's heaven on earth! Anyways, the other day I was letting him do this on our bed and he "butt jumped" over to the side of our bed. So I went to reach for him before he got any further over to the edge. Well, as I was reaching he stood up and promptly started to fall over the edge of the bed! Thankfully I was able to get my hand on one of his legs. If I hadn't he would have broken or dislocated his shoulder because his whole shoulder was in the bed rail. But he did hit the bed rail with his nose pretty hard. It was devestating for me!! I'm so careful with him so for him to get hurt so bad made me feel AWFUL! I was really scared he broke his nose! It was all swollen and red. But it helped up within 2 days. I checked it constantly to make sure he wasn't in pain or showing signs of it being broken. Here's a picture of it, this was day two so it was basically healed by then. But you can see it a little...

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  1. Some other things that Legree has recently learned that I forgot to write up top:

    He will tell you how old he is by holding his one little finger up, he can tell you what a cow says, what a donkey says and of course what a tractor does. He can point to his nose and ears when asked where they are. He says "hmmm" when he eats something he likes (basically everything). He knows that certain pieces of toys go with other parts (he went and got the little farmer out of his toy basket and put him into his tractor that was across the room). He can bend down and pick things up without falling, he knows the door knob equals going outside and throws a tantrum if we don't let him out, he loves playing chase and "get the baby", he also loves find Legree where he "hides" and you look EVERYWHERE for him.... ohh the list could go on and on... but wanted to document some of the highlights!