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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Potty training

Legree is in the midst of potty training! I found a potty training boot camp on Pinterest and thought why not? He knew exactly what to do he just was being stubborn about going #2 and would go pee pee about half the time. I thought maybe if we got serious about he would to. I decided to give it a try. I found the boot camp last Thursday and decided I'd give it a try next week (now this week). The boot camp requires you to stay home for 5-7 days before going out in public (because you basically go cold turkey with no diapers so you want to be home to teach them to go the potty and clean up all the pee pee_. Well, low and behold on Saturday night Legree decided he wanted to do #2 in the potty. The first time ever! Before we would know when he was doing it but he'd REFUSE to go on the potty. He just randomly asked me to go and sure enoguh he went! Ever since then he's only used the potty for #2. We started the boot camp on Wed. as planned. He had three accidents that morning and finally realized OHH that's what you mean by don't pee pee in my pants. Ever since then (yesterday and today) he's only had three accidents total with probably 10-15 successes! I'm SO proud of him and he's been SO easy. He already seems to understand and mostly remembers to go. We still nedd to work on fine tuning and for him to learn to pull his underware down on his own etc, but he's doing gerat for only day 2! I'm so proud!!