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Monday, July 12, 2010

Rained out in Hilton Head

Ben and I went to my good friend Julie's wedding this weekend. Not only was this Julie's most important day, but also a big step as parents for Ben and I. We left Legree with Grandma and Grandpa for the weekend... and we were 3 hours away! While, he has stayed at both sets of Grandparents at different times, he's never done it when we were more then a 20 minute drive back to him. He, of course, had a blast and didn't know the difference! But I sure missed him, and everything that happened I wish Legree could have been there to see how he would have reacted and what cute thing he would have done next.

Julie and Stoney originally had planned to be married on the beach. However, it was pouring down rain! Thankfully they found another option of getting married in the lobby area of the very nice hotel they were staying at. Of course, as soon as the wedding was over, the sun came out. I was so thankful and excited that they were able to take some pictures out on the beach. It meant so much to Julie to have at least part of the wedding out on the beach. So, if not the ceremony, at least the pictures! They got some beautiful pictures before more rain came in!

Ben and I had a horrible situation happen with our hotel room. We had a booked a really cool place to stay, more like a bed and breakfast place then a hotel. When we got there though we were informed they didn't have a room for us and we were already contacted and told this. I had never been contacted! We booked and PAID for the room through hotels.com. The lady at the front desk was extremely rude to us and unhelpful about the whole situation. So, of course I stormed out and called hotels.com. They did confirm that they had to cancel our reservation there due to a situation at the hotel. I don't know what the situation was, only that they didn't have a room for us! Needless to say, I was VERY upset... I didn't have a room and the front desk person was RUDE!! Thankfully the person I spoke to at hotels.com was VERY nice. She found us a room at the Hilton, and they gave us the room for free for the inconvience. So, I guess it all worked out, but I'm still upset! I've left several bad reviews on their websites, and am going to call the general manager of the hotel. I understand situations happen, but I should have been contacted before hand and the lady at the front desk of the hotel didn't have to be rude to me about the situation!! Ugh, I just get upset thinking about it!!

Anywho, Legree went to church with Grandpa Sunday morning and to the Bryan family reunion with my parents that afternoon. He stayed BUSY! Ben and I enjoyed the afternoon in Hilton Head. We visisted some of the roads he is currently designing in Hilton Head. I always love seeing his projects, as I don't get to very often. Then we did some shopping at a local shopping center. We enjoyed having the time to ourselves but we mostly talked about the Boo (Legree) the whole time! We finally made it back to my parents house around 5:30. Legree was thrilled to see us! He grinned from ear to ear, and that just warmed my heart, as it always does!!

He had such a good time with Grandma and Grandpa, but he was exhausted when we got home. Ben and I faught to keep him up till 6:30 but he was just distraught he was so tired! So we gave him a bath and got him to bed early.

So, anyways... Congrats to Stoney and Julie on their wedding!! And I'm so glad to have had a weekend away with just Ben and I... but am more happy to be back home with my baby!!


  1. What hotel??? I want to know what is so that I never go there!!! That sounds absolutely awful!

  2. Main Street Hotel in downtown Hilton Head... ugh I'm still mad about that!!