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Monday, July 5, 2010

Welcome Post!

Welcome to my blog page!

I have been inspired by all the "bloggers" out there to start a page. I really want to chronical our family times and what is happening in our lives. The Lord has so richly blessed Ben and I with a wonderful life and a beautiful son! So I want to write this for him and our future children. Some of us are able to read journals, love notes or cards that our parents kept from when they were younger. It is my hope that my son can read this blog one day and know how much he was treasured, how in love his parents are and how much fun we had as a family!

I titled this blog as I did because it is Ben and I's hope to everyday serve the Lord in all that we do. I hope this blog will display that and even make me more aware of how to serve Him as a better Christian wife and mother!

Blessings all, Beth


  1. Oh, so sweet! I have been debating starting one too. Maybe you will be the push I needed to do it :)

  2. Thanks Ladies! I've been reading other peoples blogs for awhile and I just really started thinking that I'd love for Legree to be able to read what happened in the future. Wouldn't it be neat to read our parents thoughts/ideas while they were in the early years of our lives?? I think so!