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Friday, July 30, 2010


I would just like to document what all I did with BOTH of the boys this past Wednesday. Why you ask? Well, because it was simply epic that I did all of this by myself! Well, not completely by myself, but read on...

Legree and I got dressed, packed and ready to go to the pool Wednesday morning. My pastor and his wife live in a neighborhood that has a community pool. She was nice enough to invite the women from our weekly Bible study over. The ladies said they'd help me with both the boys, because it'd be impossible for me to carry them in and out by myself. So, I decided to go!

So, we got everything ready. I learned from last weeks excursion with both of the boys to have snacks handy and lots of them. So I packed several different kinds and had them at the top of the bag! So, I went and picked up Ian from Megan's house. I got to the pool and loaded them both in the double stroller (the only way I could get both of them to the pool with all the bags and floats needed). We had a great time swimming, splashing and snacking!

The boys were hours past their normal nap time and exhausted so I headed out around 12:00. I dryed them both, changed them and packed up to head home. They both were asleep before I pulled out of the neighborhood! When we got home they both woke up when I carried them in. So, I set them both in their highchairs and cooked some lunch. Then I fed Legree, Ian and I all at the same time (like we do everyday). Then I knew they both needed cleaning off after being in the pool. All the cholorine and who knows what else, they needed scrubbing! So I stripped them both down, ran some water in the tub and put them both in. Ian was thrilled to be in the water again and went to splashing around. Thankfully, I still had my bathing suit on! So, I washed Ian up first, got him out dried him and changed him right by the tub so I could keep my eyes and hands on Legree. Then I cornered Ian into a baby safe area that I could still see him and washed Legree up. Then I changed him too. Then I gave Ian his bottle and put him down for a nap. Then I gave Legree his sippy cup with milk and put him down too! They both went right to sleep after all the fun... and let me tell you... so did I!! I rarely sleep during the day because well I just can't. I usually have stuff around the house to do and I just am not a good napper during the day. But I took a good 30 minute nap!!

It was fun and thankfully I had help from the other ladies there. But I was proud of myself to be brave enough to take them to the pool and strong enough to get them fed, cleaned and napped at the same time! GO ME! HAHA

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