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Thursday, July 8, 2010

My fond memories of the 4th...

I still can't believe that my little baby boy is 1 years old! Last July our whole family was getting together to marvel over this little miracle! I was so excited that Legree came 2 weeks early. Well, for the obvious reason of it was VERY hot and I was SO big and ready to my little boy. But also becase he made it for for his first 4th of July (it's my favorite holiday so I was secretly wishing he'd come early for it).

I'll never forget that holiday because it was the hardest night we had with Legree yet! He was up all night long crying and fussing. Nothing seemed to make him happy (we later found out he had reflux and that was probably the problem all along). Anyways, that was a Friday night and Saturday all of my brothers and sister in laws and Ben's brother and sister in law were coming in town to meet Legree. It's a yearly fourth of July tradition for my parents, Ben's brother, sis in law, niece and us to eat at Ben's parents house after the Peach Festival. So, they were sweet enough to have my two brothers, two sister in laws and my niece and nephew over too. Wow, it was a packed house! Ben and I were SOO very tired from the long night. Legree slept through everything since he had such a busy night, HAHA. It was such a special day, even if I was in a fog of sleepiness and love for my baby. Both of our families were together and all because of this sweet baby! It still makes me swell up with love, happiness and pride to think of that day!! So, I guess every 4th of July will be a special memory of our first holiday with Legree and our whole family gathering around him!!

Legree Len Lewis
July 4 2009
5 days old!

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