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Thursday, November 4, 2010

25 days of thankfulness... day 3

My husband, Ben - Gosh I don't even know where to begin with my thankfulness for Ben. I'm just simply so thankful that God blessed me with this wonderful man! God knew the desires of my heart and what I wanted/needed in a husband and he made Ben for me.. I know He did! And he timed our lives out perfectly to be together. I know that my sinful past, the heartaches I've gone through with other guys and all those lonely nights were leading me on the path straight to the man God designed to be my husband.

About four years ago I was like a little lost puppy dog. I knew what I wanted - a good Christian man to be my husband and have a family with. But, this was a lot easier said then done! Every guy I met just didn't measure up to what I wanted and I was not going to settle for anything less. At the time I was very active in my church, very close with my parents, had a few good friends that I still love to this day and I had my job. But that certaintly was not enough. I was working like crazy (12-16 hours a day!) to keep myself busy, but I was still looking for Mr. Right.

One day my mom called me and said you might be mad at me but I gave my friend Debbie your phone number to give to her son Ben. Ben's mom, Debbie, and my mom have been friends for YEARS. They met in college when they were studying to be nurses and worked together after they got out of school. They kept in touch throughout the years. They have a lot of the same back problems and health problems that brought them even closer together. Anyways, while they were very good friends they never got the family's together. They often went out to lunch or to do girl things. Ben and I never really saw each other much, but our mom's kept us both updated on what the other was doing. Finally the timing was right, we were both single and ready for relationships and looking for the right one. So, he called, we went out and the rest is history! I am still amazed at God's timing and hand in our family ties and the timing of our relationship.

I could not be more thankful for Ben. He has ALL the qualities I was looking for in a strong Chrsitian husband and father. He is a wonderful person, takes great care of our family and is always there for me. We of course have our squabbles and disagreements, but I love him with everything I have. I couldn't be more thankful for such a wonderful provider, father, best friend, and husband.

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