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Sunday, November 7, 2010

25 days of thankfulness...day 8

Legree being a good sleeper- I didn't think I'd ever get to the point where I'd say he was a good sleeper, but he is! It took A LOT of work and patience to get to where we are now. But he normally sleeps 8pm -8am every night and usually takes a 2-3 hour nap during the day. You can't ask for much better then that!! When Legree was little he had reflux so we had LOTS of issues with getting him to lay down to sleep (because it caused the reflux to get worst). Finally we found sleeping in his car seat (since it kept him straight up) helped him sleep comfortably and soundly. I know it sounds weird, but hey if it got him to sleep, made him feel better and got me some rest I was willing to do it. He eventually started to outgrow some of the reflux (it still lingers today but is much more under control with medicine) but kept the great napping down! In fact, until this past month or so he was still taking two two hour long naps. (oh and he stopped sleeping in his car seat at around 6 months).

It also took quite awhile for Legree to really sleep through the night. He was a breastfed only baby so he didn't get quite as full as most babies. Regardless, when he did get up he would just nurse and go right back to sleep, so it wasn't terrible. Eventually it was just once a night and then not at all! He started going to waking up at 5, to 6, to 7 and now 8! The later time also took some work as well. Some mornings he would get up at 5, some mornings much later like 7. So I realized, hey he can go without nursing till 7 why doesn't he do it every morning? So, I read somewhere to let them cry for a few minutes. Generally when they do this they aren't really up, just in transition sleep. So, instead of running to his side as soon as he peeped, I started letting him cry for a few minutes. Generally if he did wake up early, he as back asleep in no time. And this turned out to be great because he started sleeping later and later. Some morning's he'll even sleep till 9!

I never thought when I became a mom I could say I was very well rested, but I am. I get plenty of sleep because my baby gets plenty of sleep and that's just plain good for all of us!

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