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Monday, November 29, 2010

17 months young

Legree is 17 months old today! I can't believe it!! My little man is growing up before my very eyes!! I keep finding myself wishing he'd go back to the sweet little baby. But this age is so much fun too! It pulls me in two directions. Either way, he's the light of my life, so much fun and I couldn't ask for a better or smarter little boy!!

17 factoids about Legree in honor of his 17 month birthday:

1. He has never been on antibiotics (you mommy's out there no how much of a feat that is!)
2. He loves tractors more then anything else on earth.
3. When he sees Big Bird now he says "Bi Birr"
4. He can turn our camera on and flip through the pictures.
5. He still pulls and plays with his hair or my hair when he's tired.
6. He throws away his diapers after I change him (well only the pee-pee ones)
7. He LOVES watching TV, particularly Yo Gabba Gabba and can say Muno
8. He calls Ben's dad Paw and my dad Papa...why? I have no clue!
9. He thinks he's 10 feet tall and can keep up with the big kids.
10. He is about 31 inches tall and around 25 lbs.
11. He takes one long nap and sometimes one short nap during the day.
12. He can tell you where his nose, ears, belly, legs and hiney are.
13. He loves books more then toys right now.
14. He loves loves loves to eat!
15. If he sees corn in a book or in the fridge he says "Cor.. HMMM"
16. He loves his daddy and wants him most of the time. Especially as soon as he gets home from work.
17. Mommy and Legree are best buddies though and always together. We get each other and have a special bond I can't even describe!! I look forward to continuing, growing and enhancing that bond month after month and year after year.

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