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Friday, November 5, 2010

25 days of Thankfulness... Day 5

Being a stay a home mom - I love being at stay at home mom...yall seriously, I LOVE it! It's my hearts passion and has always been. I knew before I even met Ben that that's what I wanted to be when I "grew up". Thankfully, when Ben and I got serious and discussed the matter he was on the same page as I was. That when we had kids, I would be a stay at home mom.

Now, I know this is NOT for everyone. Just like being a judge, doctor, administrative assistant or teacher isn't for EVERYONE neither is this job. I know in some families it's just not possible due to money restraints or just simply because mom loves working outside the home. I completely understand that. But for me, for Legree, for Ben and for our family it just simply works SO well! We are a much less stressful and happier family because of it. We each have our role in this family, and if we didn't have the other it wouldn't function. Each individual makes this family work. I don't feel any less of a person or a member of this family because I don't bring home a pay check. And of course Ben loves that he can provide for his family, but he certainly doesn't want to be home all day every day with Legree. I love to be the one that is there with Legree everyday. I get to teach him everything he knows, tell him about how Jesus loves him, feed him his lunch and snacks, put him down for his naps and be right there when he wakes up. And we get to spend our day anticipating 5:00 to get here when "DAAAAAA" comes home.

I wouldn't trade my job for any pay check out there. It's worth it to feel my little boy running his hands through my hair when he wakes up, laughing at me or telling me the new word I taught him that day. You can't pay for that kind of reward my friends!!

While there are sacrifices (we don't have nice cars, we don't have the newest cell phone, I can't go shopping every day, we can't take great vacation) the rewards are worth it ALL!!

I am so thankful Ben has a great job that can support our family, I am thankful to be there with my little boy everyday and I am thankful to be stay at home mom!!

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