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Monday, November 1, 2010

To Harmon's farm we go...

To Harmon's farm we go....

We took Legree to his annual trip to Harmon's for their Pumpkin Patch. We took him last year and even though I had heard it wasn't up to par this year, I had to take him anyways... I'm a sucker for tradition! But alas, it wasn't quite as great and they deffiniately jacked their prices up WAY to high! $20 for a pumpkin? $7.50 for a hayride? You're kidding right?? So we just went and took pictures, went to the petting farm and played on the playground. Sorry, for not spending $20 on a pumpkin Harmon's... but sheesh!! I've got a baby to feed and bills to pay!!

Here are a few pictures from last year and some from this year... my how time changes things!! My little boy is growing up!!
Sitting in the same spot 1 year apart!
Legree at 4 months sitting on the horsey swing with mommy... now at 16 months, he wants to do it all by himself!
Ok, the rest are from our trip this year...

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