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Monday, November 8, 2010

25 days of thankfulness... day 9

A good deal - I always love a good deal! Being a stay at home mom and living on only Ben's income, saving money is always a priority around here. I'm not very good with coupons, so finding something that is a good deal without coupons is important to me!

Enter Sam's club diapers....you get 176 diapers for $32! You can't beat that! 176 diapers in the Huggie (Snug and Dry version, not the nicer Little Movers kind) brand at Sam's is $37, at Walmart that would be $35 for 140 diapers... and I wont' even compare if you bought that many at Target, Babies R Us or a grocery store... it just goes WAY up after Walmart.

Now, I know it may "only" be a $5 difference between Sam's brand and Huggies, but $5 is $5... and the $5 I don't spend now I can't put in my savings account for later. And as many diapers as a baby goes through in their diapering years, that adds up yall! And I assure you these diapers are JUST AS GOOD as any of the name brands. They hold up just fine even through the night!

Sam's Brand - about .18 cents per diaper
Huggies Brand- about .21 cents per diaper

For even more savings, try their wipes out! You REALLY can't tell a difference between theirs and Huggies/Pampers brand wipes and the savings are phenomenal!!

Sam's Club Brand - 720 wipes for $13.28 (about .018 cents per wipe)
Huggies - 600 wipes for $14.88 (about .024 cents per wipe)

Now after looking at that, think how much each diaper change costs you and the cost differences...we'll say one diaper and 5 wipes per changing...

Sam's Brand - .18 + .09 = .27 per changing
Huggies Brand- .21 + .12 = .33 per changing

So, a six cents differnce EVERY time you change that cute little bottom! Multiply that times changing a diaper 10 times a day and you've got yourself 60 cents a day! That's $219 dollars of the course of one year!! WHEW!! That's actually a lot of money!!



  1. Not only is it $5, but it's $5 and 36 more diapers to go along with that $5! That's excellent! I think we'll be getting a Sam's membership very soon!

  2. Holy Crap---My Beth just posted a blog with a LOT of math in it! Ben is rubbing off on you.


  3. Shelley- you SO should! They have formula, baby good, puffers everything for A LOT cheaper when you buy it in bulk.

    Megan- I did the math ALL by myself! But I did have Ben check it before I posted it. But he did the math wrong and I had to prove to him that I was right on the math and he was wrong, HAHA!