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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Back to the zoo!

Well, last weekend I had made a post that I would cover everything we did last weekend since it was super busy and super filled with memories! Well, now it's the end of this weekend and I still haven't caught up! So here goes nothing...

To remind ourselves this is what we did last week:

Thursday- Fair

Friday- Boo at the Zoo

Sat- Ben's parents house, Megan's 31 party, Back to the zoo

Sun- Church's fall festival

So, now we will tackle Saturday...

Ben's brother, sister in law and niece came down for the day from Greenville. Ava and Legree are only 5 months apart in age, so it's always fun to have them play together. Keri and I left after lunch and went to Megan's 31 party at her house. After that, we met the boys and the kiddies at the zoo. Ava had never been to the zoo and since we are members we all got in free. So, we met there but we only had about an hour and a half before the zoo closed. But the timing worked out perfect and we got most of the outdoor exhibits covered. Toddlers don't have much of an attention span so we moved on quick from exhbit to exhibit. We decided we'd go back next time to see the bird exhbit and aquarium because it can be cold outside and we can still go in there and be warm.

Anyways, Legree had a blast having Ava there with him. He loves his "big" cousin and she loves "Gree"! Ava has finally started calling Legree by his name (she used to always call him "Baby")...as soon we saw her she said "GREEEEE!"... it's so precious!!
Here are some pictures:
Riding the Gator at Grandpa and Grandma's....
I never noticied how much Legree and his Uncle Jeremy look alike until this picture...
Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Keri and Ava
Two little monkeys sitting on a gorilla!
The Lewis lion cubs sitting on the lioness


  1. Such sweet "babies". (Are you dreading the day we hear the words, "Mommy, I am NOT a baby."??)

    Whether they like it or not, they are always our babies. :)

  2. Yes I am! And yes I don't care if I have 10 more kids... Legree will be my baby!