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Friday, October 22, 2010

Bam Bam in the making

This year I really wanted to pick something for Legree to be for Halloween that "fit" him. My first conclusion was Prince Charming. The blonde hair, his handsomeness, etc it would have been great. And I thought all the little girls out there dressed as princesses needed their counterpart. But I couldn't find a costume anywhere small enough for him. So, we'll wait a few more years for that.

In the mean time I could think of only one other small, cute and blonde haired iconic figure out there that Legree could go as: BAM BAM from the Flinstones! And since it's been a long time since I've seen the Flinstones I went online and looked at pictures of the original cartoon and man I was right..... Legree could have played Bam Bam!!

So, then the hunt for a costume insued and all I could find was some online for 30-40 dollars plus shipping. Well, that was just silly to me. So I decided to make it! I am NOT a sewer but I thought I could do it with very little to no sewing. Well, I won't get into the details but that no sew thing DID NOT work. So, I'd been wanting to learn to sew so Ben bought me a sewing machine and I practiced some and then whipped together his costume! Much easier then I thought it would be and it turned out perfect for him!! And not to mention the costume costs about $10 compared to the 40 plus dollars I was looking at for buying one. And I have such a sense of pride and accomplishment from it!! Especially when I get compliments on how cute he is in it :) But hey, he could be in a potato sack and be the cutest thing around!

Anyways, here's a pic of the original Bam Bam and then Legree:

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