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Friday, October 29, 2010

16 little words, 16 BIG months!

Legree is 16 months old today! I say this every month I feel like, but I can't believe he's 16 months already! Time flies and it feels like yesterday he was just a little baby. Now he's a "Big boy". Or that's what everyone tells me... but he's still MY baby!!

Now that the holidays are upon us, it has been so much fun lately to do things with him that we did last year. It feels like we are starting some family traditions! Like going to our church's fall festival, the pumpkin patch etc. We even took some pictures in the same spot at the pumpkin patch as we did last year. I even had a cute little pumpkin hat for him this year like he had last year. But toddlers are not very receptive to hats I have found. So, here are the two comparison pics from last year to this year.

And in honor of his 16 months "birthday" I have 16 words that Legree can say. This isn't all of them, but I thought I'd stick to the 16 theme.


16 months:

16 words Legree can say:

1) Mama
2) Daddy
3) Hey
4) There
5) Bird
6) Dog
7) Donk (donkey to the lay person)
8) Outside
9) Go
10) Grandpa
11) No
12) Yes
13) Ba-Ba (pacifier, not sure why he calls it that but he does)
14) Up
15) Down
16) Cat

Happy 16 months little man! We love you!


  1. Aww...our little Gee is growing up way to quick. I know that one day the 3 months between them won't make a difference, but today I can still marvel in the differences it makes between Ian and Gee. :)

  2. I know, I see it with Ava and Legree a lot. She can say soooo many words and phrases now compared to him. They'll all even out soon enough!