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Friday, October 22, 2010

Legree meet your mom at the rocket!

Ben and I took Legree to the fair this year for the first time! He had so much fun. He loved seeing all the lights on the rides, eating all the yummy food and seeing all the people. Here are some highlights via pictures:

We went inside the Cantey building and they had a Milk station handing out cartons of Strawberry milk. Legree was in Milk Heaven here...

What everyone goes to the fair for... THE FOOD:

And of course some Fiske Fries:

The strawberry milk kicked in and he was wild... he is literally shaking with excitement in this picture:

The food Ben and I tried... Fried Saurkraut. Conclusion: It's not good!

We washed everything down with a little lemonade:

Legree found a John Deere sewing machine and his motor started going!

He also found lots of food on display and pronounced that each one was "HMMMM"

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