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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Boo at Boo at the Zoo

Ben, Legree and I have had quite a busy past weekend! Here is a look at the activities:

Thursday- Fair

Friday- Boo at the Zoo

Sat- Ben's parents, 31 party at Megans, back to the zoo

Sunday- church, nap, Fall Festival

I've already done a post documenting the fair, so next up is Boo at the Zoo. Look for more posts to come on the rest of the weekend. I don't want to forget any fun details!

Ben has always called Legree "boo" as his nickname. Why? I have NO clue but it's kind of stuck with him and all of us call him that a good bit now. Hence, the title to this blog a Boo at Boo at the zoo!

We went with the Bests, the Shealy's, one cute little Lee boy and us. So, all in all that means 4 boys rangining in age from 2 1/2 years old to 13 months old. There was (from oldest to youngest) Lex (2.5 years old), Logan (18 months old), Legree (15 months old) and Ian (13 months old). They were so cute!

Boo at the Zoo is a special event at Riverbanks Zoo that they hold every Halloween. Basically it's a bunch of Halloween like activities, Trick or Treating, etc inside the zoo. All the kiddos dress up in their costume and run wild. We had a three eyed monster (Lex), a puppy (Logan), a Bam Bam (Legree) and an Winnie the Pooh (Ian)! Quite the combo! They were so cute and had a blast!!

Here's a picture! I'm not sure how we got all of them to sit still long enough to get a picture... but we did!

Legree's favorite part about Boo at the Zoo? All the people to see! Next year, I'm quite sure he'll be more interested in the candy!!

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