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Friday, February 25, 2011

My baby CAN read!

Earlier this week I noticied something amazing... Legree can read! No, not a whole book, but a couple of words!! I still can't believe it. We didn't teach it to him (yes, I'm a horrible parent and haven't even tried). But we read to him a lot so I guess that's where he picked it up..? Who knows!

He loves to carry around one of our DVDs "Dude Where's my car?" because it has a picture of a dog on it (but oddly no picture of a car). Tuesday he pointed to the DVD and said "CAR". I was like, uhh did you just read that? We hadn't been talking about cars, there was no picture of a car on the dvd.... but I still thought it was a fluke. Later that afternoon we were watching Yo Gabba Gabba and the show that was on was about cars. Before the show starts they show a sign that displays what the shows theme is. So on the screen was the word "CAR", but no picture of a car. He pointed and squeeled out CAR! I knew then he WAS REALLY READING!

So, over the past couple of days I've written it on a piece of paper and shown it to him and he proudly says car. Today, I decided to see what other words he might know. I tried John Deere since that's one of his most favorite things but he looked at me like I was crazy. So, then I tried dog, another favorite of his. And lo and behold he said "DOG". I was astonished! I tried corn next (he LOVES corn and asks for it all the time). I wasn't sure if he could do this one since it's VERY close to car... but he said corn clear as day!

So, I'm going to get some flash cards and see if I can teach him some more... my little child prodigy may be reading whole books in no time!!

Here's a video for any skeptics out there :) Ohh and by the way... he's 19 months old! And excuse my hand and the length of the video, he wouldn't come to me so I had to unplug the video and go to him.


  1. Hi, you won the giveaway at my blog! :) Send me your address at erin.branscom(at)gmail.com

    Your baby is soooo cute!

  2. Thank you Erin! That's so sweet of you!! I sent you my address :)