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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

28 years and counting...

Today is my birthday... when I was younger that was cause for celebration overload. It still is a reason to celebrate, but not nearly the same way. You know what I mean, don't you?? It just isn't the same. And that is OKAY with me!! For real! Today was just another Wednesday. Just me and my little man, with daddy in the evening. We went to Bible Study this morning like any other Wednesday and hung out the rest of the day at home. Our normal Wed. routine.

My mom came over to say hey and wish me happy Birthday. I told her I should be wishing her a happy birthday because she did all the birthing and the work to get me here!! I realize that birthdays should really celebrate the mom's more then the child now that I'm a mommy myself. Legree's birthday will always be etched in my memory much more then my own!! I got tons of phone calls from friends and family to wish me happy birthday. I also got TONS of Facebook happy birthdays. That means more to me then anything! I love my family and friends and I love having an "excuse" to talk to them and catch up. So, talking and hearing from everyone is my birthday presents.

Ben got me a sweet card, tulips (my favorite, which luck of all lucks are in season around my birthday every year) and a Joann's gift card to support my sewing/crafting habit. We're going to go out this weekend to celebrate when Legree can hang with his grandparents. It's NOT fun taking Legree out to eat. I get more stressed out about him talking and annoying other people that it's just NOT worth it. Since it was my birthday I didn't want to cook and wash dishes like normal, so I heated Legree up some vegetarian corn dogs, left over peas and cut up a pear. I had a lean cusine Pizza and Ben had cereal for supper. REAL CLASSY! LOL, but it was perfect because I'm here, I have the Lord in my heart and with us and my wonderful family by my side. What else do I need??

And bc I never take pictures of myself...a cute one of the Geesy Bear to end this post...

(He was eating cake at his cousin Ava' 2nd Birthday party, hence the reason there is frosting all over his mouth! )

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  1. Happy Birthday to my bestest friend and Ian's bestest Aunt! We love you very much!