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Sunday, February 6, 2011

SEW distracting!

So, as I said in a couple of earlier posts... I've been sewing! It's been such a distraction I've let my blogging fall to the side... WHOOPS! I'll do better :)

I've always wanted to learn how to sew. I love all the homemade boutique style clothes. My sister in law's mother (got that?) has always sewn all of her grandchildren's clothes. I always loved to see what Jenny's niece and nephew were wearing because I knew their Grandma made it. Everything was so cute! I told Ben one of my goals was to learn how to sew before we had another baby, but never really made a quick move to learn.

In October I was trying to figure out what Legree should be for Halloween. I decided on Bam Bam because he is little, has the perfect blonde hair and really looks JUST like Bam Bam. All of the outfits I found online were WAY to expensive for me to consider buying them. So, I thought I'd make it. I thought I'd just get some sewing glue and glue all the pieces together since I had NO idea how to sew! Well, the sewing glue DOES NOT work on the material I got. So, I asked my mom if I could use her sewing machine and for her to show me how to sew. Well, my mom hasn't sewn in 15 or more years. But dad got her sewing machine down. My dad got her this sewing machine on their 1 year anniversary (they'll be married 40 years in June!). So, needless to say... the machine didn't work. We tried everything to get that thing going and it would work for awhile, and then nothing. I decided then and there I had to learn how to sew. So, I signed up for a sewing class, Ben bought me my own brand new sewing machine (a very basic but wonderful Brother model).

I was able to sew Legree's Halloween outfit together after a lot of trail and error. It wasn't complex by ANY means, but it took me forever to figure out what I was doing. But it turned out decently and he had a super cute outfit that everyone LOVED!

So, in November I went in for my first sewing class. I was the only one in the class! So, I was able to pick what we did and my instructor walked me through all the basics of sewing. I made a pillow first, then some overalls for Legree and started on a jacket (which to this day I haven't finished because I'm a bum).

Most of Dec. I didn't sew too much because we were so busy with the holidays. I did sew Legree my first real pair of Jon Jons! I was soo proud of them!! I made them in the beginning of Dec and by the time Christmas got close... they were WAY TO small for him :(! I was not happy, but he got to wear them once or twice and they are special to me since they were the first ones I did.

Since then I've made a ton of things. Pants, dresses, appliqued shirts, several Jons Jons, pillowcase rompers, a necklace, the list goes on and on! You know that old says "If you give a man a fish he eats for one night, if you teach him how to fish he can eat forever."... well that's true about sewing! I loved getting handmade things and loved looking at them and wondering how to make them. Now I know! And I can make just about anything I want!!

The only problem is time. I never have enough time to do all the projects I want to do. There are so many swirling in my head. And I've got a list a mile long of outfits I want to make for friends and Legree. I'm trying to focus my sewing ADD and get something done.

So, my biggest goal right now is getting my sewing stuff organized (it's a mess of fabric, pins and utensils all over our kitchen table right now). I can never find what I want when I want it. If everything had a home, that would be much better!! So, I'm going to work on that. I'm also going to make all of Legree clothes for this summer. No, not tshirts or anything. But I'll make all of his shorts and several Jons Jons and he should be set. It'll be much cheaper to make the clothes. And much cuter and more meaningful if I make them!

I really wanted to learn to sew to sell my clothes to friends, family and on ETSY. I still am going back and forth on that. With sewing all of the Legree's clothes, presents etc. I'm not sure I'll have the time to keep up with orders. But Legree is going to be starting 2 year old preschool in the fall, so that will open up more time for me to sew. So, I might start doing it then. We will see!

Here are some pictures of things I've made so far... sorry some of the pics are side ways. I forgot to flip them before uploading and am just too lazy to fix it (at least I'm honest right?).

More sewing udates to come!

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