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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Growing up

Legree is saying more and more words lately and learning more and more tricks. I love seeing him grow and learn. I do miss my little baby, but I love my toddler every day! Here are some of his new "things" and "words"

- He has a tractor book that has a word for each letter of the alphabet. He can say each word that goes with letters A-E (apple, barn, corn, dog, egg). It's so cute and he's so proud!

-Says pumpkin now... well, his version which is "pumpin"

- I pointed to a barn the other day and said what's that Legree? He responded with "Barn, put John Deeah!". I knew he knew what a barn was but I didn't know he correlated barns with where you put tractors! He's picking up more then I thought!

- He spent the night with my parents the other night and in the morning dad was getting dressed. Mom told Legree that Papa was going to put his clothes on and Legree looked at my dad and said "Paw, put clothes on!" She said he said it clear as can be!

-He's obsessed with Kilo (our dog) right now. He loves to go outside and pet her and "feed" her anything he finds on the ground (leaves, rocks, straws). She' a great dog with him considering she really hasn't been around him much (she's an outside dog). She doesn't jump on him and just licks him a lot. And she plays along with him feeding her everything and just takes what he offers.

- He still LOVES (is obsessed) with tractors. He says John Deeah all day and talks about them constantly.

- He's really into DVDs and think all of them are his John Deere DVDs that are Ben's parents house. When he does go to their house ALL he wants to do is watch John Deere DVDs over and over and over again!

- Loves to "help" mommy sew. He loves that my sewing machine is a machine really. He loves all the knobs and the loud whirling sound

- He calls Daddy "Ben" now which Ben DOES NOT like. I thought it was funny at first, but now I'm trying to correct him. He picked it up from me talking to Ben and saying his name.

- He is currently in LOVE with peanut butter on graham crackers.
- He has been very curious and interested in the potty lately. He knows where we go potty... if I tell him I need to potty and where should I go he takes me to our bathroom and points to the potty. He's sat on our potty and his little potty a couple of times. He grins from ear to ear and is so proud. But we haven't had any "results" in the potty... but I'm sure it will come with time!

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