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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tractors, Trains and a boys love at 20 months...

Legree is now 20 months old! Well, he turned 20 months about 2 weeks ago. But alas, I am a bum of a blogger and haven't gotten around to his 20 month post. I was telling a friend of mine today that since our baby book we have for Legree ended at 12 months, I was blogging to keep up with all the milestones since then. That's when I realized... I forgot to even blog about all his updates!! UGH.. got to do better!

Anyways, here's 20 updates on our 20 month little man. And no, I do NOT want to acknowledge how close we are to the big 2 year birthday. He's to much of my baby to consider that he will be that old. So, we won't talk about it till it's closer and I am forced to acknowledge it!

1. He said "I duh dew" (I love you) for the first time to me! It was SOO sweet and brought me to tears. Why he said that to me? Because I was letting him play with my hair, I guess he appreciated it.

2. Is talking up a storm! He can say basically anything now!! It's amazing how much he's picked up even the past month or so. It's like suddenly, he can say, well everything!

3. Still loves to eat!! He eats like he's never eaten before at every meal and snacks in between! You would think he'd be a fat boy with as much as he eats, but he's still pretty short and average weight.

4. Still LOVES tractors, especially John Deeres. He can now tell the difference between a combine, tractor and plow. He also knows how to crank up some of Paw's tractors.

5. Loves cof-cof (coffee) and begs for it all the time. I don't give in because I think it's TERRIBLE that he even knows what it is! But his grandparents got him started with it. Since he was LITTLE he'd always beg for it from them and finally one of them (not sure if it was my parents or Ben's) gave in and gave him some thinking he wouldn't like it. Nope, he LOVED it and still does. Ben gives it to him occasionally and his grandparents give it to him all the time.

6. Loves taking his vitamins every morning and asks for "vittys" to make sure I'm staying on top of my game as mommy.

7. Loves to brush his teeth about 10 times a day. Well, not really... but if he sees his toothbrush he makes sure that we brush his teeth immediately. At least he remembers and I don't have to remember...

8. He is mommy's little helper with cleaning now. He always wanted to help while I was emptying the dishwasher, so I let him now. He picks everything up and hands it to me while I put it away. I take out the knives etc before I let him start. He helps me carry the clothes from the dryer to our bedroom, I hand him the clothes out of the washer and he puts them in the dryer and he now knows how to empty the dryer vent of all the lent! He also throws any trash he finds away now. He also loves to wipe things down after I spray them with cleaner (an all natural safe for babies type cleaner). He saw me doing it and wanted to help, so I gave him his own rag and he started wiping with me. He's SOO Good at listening to commands and does pretty well at listening when I ask him to do something.

9. LOVES LOVES LOVES trains now! It's his latest obsession! We watch Thomas the Train all the time now.

10. He has gotten very fond of our dog Kilo. So, now I let him feed her. We go and get her food and he carries it outside (With my help) and poors it in her bowl. He also, does not let me forget to feed the dog. Every day at 5 he says dog? food?... He talks to her all day through the door and tells me about "dog".

11. Thanks to Ben's dad Legree now LOVES pigs! Weird I know... but Ben's dad kept telling Legree about the pig eating corn...and I guess since Legree loves corn he found a friend in the pig. So now when he sees one on TV or on his books he goes nuts. And if you ask him what eats corn he proudly proclaims PIG! And if you ask him if he's a pig.. .he says yes!

12. He can now name most any animal and/or what noise they make.

13. He can read the words car, corn and dog. Yes, REALLY read them!

14. I am working on colors with him but he doesn't seem interested or understand the concept of colors. And I'm really not sure how to teach him... ohh well, he'll get it eventually.

15. When he's playing or being silly he'll say... 1, 2, 3.. .GO! And start running around or dancing... it's SO cute!

16. He loves to read his Bible Stories before bedtime with mommy and daddy and when we tell him to make pretty hands he clasps his hands together and bows his head while we pray. When we are done he looks up at us and smiles so big! It warms my heart. I pray that he becomes a child, boy and eventually man after God's own heart.

17. When Ben comes home every evening he runs to the door as soon as he hears the knob turning and squeals HEY DADDY!! and starts dancing around in delight!

18. Loves to go visit and spend the night over at his grandparents. At my parents he normally wakes up in the middle of the night and gets in bed with them. They love it! At Ben's parents he used to sleep through the night but the past few times he's been waking up in the middle of the night there and sleeping with Ben's dad in the recliner. Thankfully, this hasn't affected his sleep at home (or mommy and daddy would have to end sleep overs). But he sleeps great at home!! Sleeps usually from 8 to 8 at night and a 2-3 hour nap during the day. I can't complain about sleep in this house!

19. Several of my friends have little babies. He loves them and says baby and points to them. He loves to give them kisses and hugs and will bring them their ba-ba (pacifier). He even will bring them his toys to share. It's very sweet and it makes me hopeful he'll be great with any future siblings.

20. He is the cutest, sweetest, smartest and most fun little boy I've ever met! I love him to pieces and cherish every day that God has given us with him. He's growing up so fast and I love to be home with him to see him grow. I hope he will grow to appreciate me being with him every day as much as I appreciate it.

Till next month little man... mommy and daddy love you!!

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