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Friday, April 1, 2011

21 months...

Well, Legree is now 21 months old! In just three short months my little "baby" will be 2 years old! I can hardly believe it. I know he's not a baby any more, but he's MY baby. Everyday he proves to me he's not a baby by the things he can say or do.. but I don't want to let my little baby go!

21 little updates...

1. Still LOVES John Dee (John Deere)

2. LOVES LOVES choo-choos...

3. Is a little parrot. Everything we say he just repeats! It's amazing to see his vocabularly grow so much in even just a day.

4. Has a thing for pumpkins. At first he called them pumps... now it's something like "pumpumpin". It's so darn cute!

5. Loves to swing... HIGH! Whenever he swings he says "WEE DOGGIE" "HIGH!" and giggles the higher you go

6. Very attached to me and still doesn't want me out of his sight. He has attachment issues and it's going to be rough in Sept. when he starts 2-k.... but he's very friendly and great with other kids, so he'll love it once he gets the hang of being away from family.

7. Has become the prayer police. He makes sure we pray at every meal and sometimes randomly throughout the day he'll just fold his hands and bow his head like he wants to pray. I seize it and pray with him WHENEVER he wants. Part of the joys of being home with him is I can do that with him and he can see that we can and should always stop for more time with Jesus. I guess Jesus knew what he was saying when he said we should all have faith like little children.

8. We're working on taking ba-ba (pacifier) from him. He only has it at naps and bedtime. We started Wed and so far so good. Wed was NOT fun... he still asks for it but I've been trying to distract him with extra fun activities.

9. Likes to play with play-doh now. He likes for us to roll it into a ball and he says Ball! Catch! When he's done playing he likes to go open the drawer I keep them in and put it in there.

10. Still loves food, but has become more particular about what he eats. He likes to KNOW what he's eating and if he doesn't recognize it he doesn't want to touch it. I have to convience him that he likes something.

11. LOVES to eat cheese and asks for it A LOT

12. Loves "candy" which is really just raisins. But he calls it candy and I'd rather him have that then real candy. Poor child is brain washed!

13. Loves to read books and be read to. Especially tractor or train books.

14. Still loves to help clean up and loves when you give him a project.

15. I have some herbs and he loves to help be poor "waneee" (water) on them to help them grow

16. We have to cut his hair about every other week (it really could use it every week) because it grows so fast! And it's so blonde and beautiful!

17. Daddy gives Legree a bath every night. They love their time together and have all sorts of special games and things they do in the tub.

18. Loves to feed Kilo snacks through the window in our kitchen when I open it up.

19. Knows what a duck is now and when you ask him what it is he says "DUCK!" "WUACK WUACK!"

20. Loves to share his food with anyone who will take it from him

21. Is now in love with watching Barney. Ben introduced it to him and now he's obsessed!! UGHH...

Love you little man!! Till next month!

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