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Thursday, December 23, 2010

A perfectly imperfect Christmas

Well, the week leading up to Christmas has not exactly been what I planned. I had celebration, gatherings and dinner plans for almost every night this week with friends and family set up. All of them had to be canceled. I had plans of getting some last minute Christmas crafting done, that was canceled too. I wanted to bake some cookies, go see Santa with Legree, the list goes on and on my friends. The house is a wreck, the dishes are piled up and my floor hasn't seen a vacuum cleaner in two weeks now (not good with a toddler roaming around). So, it hasn't exactly been a picture perfect Christmas celebration week.

Legree has been sick with a double ear infection, I've got a sore throat and a terrible cough and Ben has had a Chron's flare up. But I'm actually kind of thankful for it. It's made me slow up and see what's important this holiday season. Going everywhere, seeing everyone and doing everything isn't 100% necessary. What is necessary is remembering that this holiday is a celebration of our Christ's birth. So, I've had PLENTY of time to think, ponder and pray about God's gift to us and Jesus sacrifice. I've spent A LOT of this past week praying for my family's health and to give me patience and endurance to take care of them all the while feeling like a train has hit me. I found strength I didn't know I had, found peace in imperfection and the love of my family has deepen.

So, thank you Jesus for MAKING us slow up this holiday season and refocus on you. Now, can we get better??
Here is a picture of Legree sleeping on the couch during his sickness. Legree is a GREAT sleeper if he has his bed and if he's alone. He doesn't like sleeping with us and he doesn't just fall asleep anywhere. So, this was a rare moment I caught on camera of him sleeping on the couch, so cute!
He slept on my chest before this for about an hour and a half, and then slept another hour a half on the couch by himself.

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