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Thursday, December 16, 2010

I wonder what Jesus was like at 17 months...

Since it's Christmas and we have all these nativities up and pictures of baby Jesus, it kind of makes me wonder what he was like as a toddler. Especially seeing Legree and how he is. Not that I'm comparing my child to Jesus, I'm not... but as a parent it makes you look at things in a whole other light.

I've never really thought of Jesus of anything other then a newborn (during the Christmas season), as our Savior dying on the cross (at Easter time) and as our Godly Lord in Heaven. I've never really thought, hmm I wonder how old Jesus was when he started walking, talking, preaching the word of God. But with all the milestones, achievements, tantrums, attitudes etc that I see in Legree it makes me wonder what Jesus was like as a toddler. I know Jesus was perfect and without sin.. so can you imagine an unselfish, undemanding toddler? I just can't imagine it, but I would love to know. Hopefully one day in Heaven I can have a little talk with Jesus and get all the details!

One of my friends posted a video on her facebook page with pictures of Mary breastfeeding Jesus. I loved it to see Jesus even as a toddler in these pictures nursing from his mother. It gives me (and should give every mother out there) new incentive to breastfeed. And makes me mad at my pediatrician to demand I stop breastfeeding Legree at 1 because it's bad for his teeth. I won't be listening to him on the next one and just keep on till the baby/toddler decides he/she wants to stop! So, it makes me wonder about Mary, Jesus and their breastfeeding "relationship" if you will. Did she have troubles breastfeeding? Were her breast engorged ever? Or was Jesus the perfect little suckler? Did he ever bit her? How long did he breasfeed for? I've got so many questions for you Jesus... you just wait!

Being a parent has also made me see God in a whole new light as well. I can't imagine giving up my son for other's sins. So, I make sure now to thank God for giving us this precious gift. I always thanked Jesus for his gift of Himself, but can you imagine how hard it was for God to give up his only son?? To watch his Son up on the cross, in pain, being tortured to death, and then to have to turn his back on Him. I know He is a God to have strength to do that. As a parent, I can only imagine what it would be like to have your perfect Son (literally in this case) die for other people's sins.

So this Holiday season... I'm thankful and happy to think of Jesus in a whole new way . I'm thankful God has given me Legree for so many reasons... but right now I'm truly thankful for having Legree help me see my Lord in a whole new light. Maybe next year I'll wonder how on earth they potty trained Jesus!

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  1. I love this post after our breastfeeding conversation yesterday! LOL!