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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Looks like a Lewis, quacks like a Ballentine...

Legree looks like the spitting image of Ben. There is no way around he got ZERO of his looks from me or my family. And I'm okay with that, I really wanted him to look like Ben. But he sure has Ballentine in his bones because he ACTS like a Ballentine. He eats in a hurry and eats a lot (deffinately a Ballentine trait). He likes to be the center of attention and talk a lot, deffinately a Ballentine trait. I could go on and on...

This morning I caught another Ballentine trait coming out in him. Now before I write it and you are reading this and don't want to hear about poop... well, then A) We probably shouldn't be friends B) Don't go any further...

So Legree was CRABBY this morning. He was clingy and fussy and didn't want to play. Totally not like him. Finally he ran off to his pooping corner (the same place he goes every day to poop). Once he was done I changed him and what do you know the crabbiness went away and he was dancing. clapping and singing like a whole new boy. Now if that ain't a Ballentine... I don't know what is!! LOL!


  1. hahahaha. "a)We probably shouldn't be friends" hahaha. SO TRUE! :) Shealys and Ballentines talk about poop more than anyone I know.

  2. Meg- you know me! Poop and the discussion of it makes the world go 'round in our families!!