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Monday, December 13, 2010


I had to share Legree's latest funny moment before I forget in the holiday hype. Sorry there are no pictures but my camera and computer don't want to talk to each other today to transfer any pics! UGH!

Legree is on a "gapes" (grapes) kick. That's all he wants, all the time. Forget cookies, cake or candy... he wants his gapes! Which is perfectly fine with this mama. He really eats healthier then anyone I know! The other day he was eating lunch and finished up and kept pointing and fussing for SOMETHING. I couldn't figure out what and tried everything. We were both completely frustrated because he knew what he wanted, and I couldn't figure it out! So finally he just yelled "GAPPESS!" He had never said gapes before and I think he was just desperate and said it. It was pretty cute. So I picked up the bag and said is this what you want and he just started jumping up and down, laughing and clapping his hands. I gave him more and he was so excited!

Ben has also taught him that to yell for "MAW" when he wants something or needs me to come to him. So, all I hear all day is "MAWWW". Like an ol' country bumpkin all over the house yelling for his "MAWWW". So cute!

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