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Monday, December 20, 2010

I wish...learning how to be parent

Legree is sick, which is never fun. Last night he woke up around midnight with a high fever and just miserable. We found out today at the dr. that he has a pretty nasty double ear infection. A first for our little guy! He's 18 months old and has never been on antibiotics! Thank you very much breast milk for helping us keep this away so long!!

Anyways, last night after I gave Legree some medicine I was rocking him and holding him and whispering in his ear how much I loved him and that God was there with us taking care of both of us. It's such a blessing that I know my child so well now I know exactly what he needs and wants. Last night made me think back to the very first time he was sick. It was a virus and he was about 9 months old. I had no clue what to do and I was scared to death! His temp was so high (I didn't know it was normal for babies to spike high temps) and I just felt so bad for him. I thought last night I wish I had known him as well as I do now and exactly what to do. But then I realized I never would have gotten to know him this well or know what he needed when he's sick without that first illness (or any of the other viruses that followed).

I have grown so much as a parent and in my relationship with Legree it's amazing. When he was first born I loved him, of course, but I didn't KNOW him like I do now. And I realized last night how confident I was in my parenting skills and abilities now. Something I would have never said while I was pregnant. So, bring on the teenage years! HA! Just kidding... not ready for that at all! But I know I'll continue to grow as a mother, care-giver, disciplinarian (spelling?), role model, etc for Legree and any of Ben and I's future children. This is my proudest and most important role in my life and I pray that the Lord will continue to bless mine and Legree's relationship, help me to mold him into a good Christian man and be with us throughout our years together!

Love you little guy! Hope you get better soon! Santa is on his way :)!

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