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Friday, January 28, 2011

19 months and counting..

Legree is 19 months old! Well, almost.. tomorrow he will be 19 months old. I wanted to do a blog post to document what he's been up to! I've been a TERRIBLE blogger lately. I've got to do better! I really want to blog to remember all the little things that change so quickly with having a toddler around. The reason I've been MIA?? Because I've been in a sewing cave! I'll blog more about that later (I promise!). I don't want to forget the beginnings of my love of sewing either :).

But for now, on to the cuteness that is Legree... 19 little updates...

1. Legree no longer wants pancakes for breakfast. He likes yogurt, a banana and grits.
2. He only drinks about one cup of milk a day now. He refuses it and declares "NOOO" everytime I pull his milk out. He does drink a lot of juice and water throughout the day. He also eats his weight in yogurt, so I guess he's still getting his calcium etc.
3. He's wearing size 4 diapers during the day, size 5 at night time.
4. He's in 18 month clothes now
5. He is talking more and more. Some of these words he's said before but is saying them more now. "Truck", "Muno", "Tootie", "Broby" and "Plex" (from Yo Gabba), "Grandma", "John Doe" (John Deere), Chooo choo (train), Ju (juice), "Mote" (Remote), "Girl", "Boy", "pig", "Dog", "Wanna go", "NOOO", "Bubbles", "Drink", "Banana", "Cracker", "Cookie", "Cof Cof" (coffee), "Again", "MEASSE" (Please), "Tant Too" (Thank you), "Baby", "Corn"
6. He loves dancing and talking gibberish all the time!
7. LOVES to watch Yo Gabba Gabba and Tractor movies at Grandma and Grandpas. But mommy has basically cut off all TV during the day. He was getting a little to attached to it for my comfort. So we watch ONE show a day and that's it!
8. Waves bye to us when we put him to bed at night
9. Makes "pretty hands", closes his eyes and bows his head when we pray now.
10. He often asks me in the morning when he wakes up "DADA??" Wanting to know where Ben is. He goes to the bed to see if he's there and then the bathroom (hillarious right?). So, I have to explain to him that daddy is at work
11. Loves to be thrown onto the couch or bed and asks for you to do it over and over again. Daddy does this every night with him. As soon as he lands on the couch, he laughs, said "Again? MEASSE!", backs up to Ben for him to pick him up and throw him again.
12. Pulls us by the finger and points to what he wants CONSTANTLY. If we pick up the wrong thing, he is quick to tell us no and make us keep trying till we get it right.
13. Loves to pick out his own snacks now. Thankfully, he has good eating habits and generally wants corn, yogurt or a banana. Or all three! He also loves peanut butter on a cracker for snacks too.
14. Loves corn with a passion! Especially corn on the cob and often goes to the freezer and begs for corn.
15. Is obsessed with brushing his teeth. He likes to do it but loves for us to brush them too! We think he's getting his back molars in. He's started chewing on everything, a little fussy and drooling everywhere again
16. He is becoming a very good helper. He helps me switch the laundry over, puts away the tupperware when I'm doing dishes and LOVES to help vacuum. He's very good at following instructions and loves to help!!
17. Is a stickler about getting his vitamins every morning. If I forget, he reminds me!
18. Still is obsessed with tractors but is getting into trains now too! He's all boy!
19. Still loves to eat!! Although he has opinions now on what he eats and if he doesnt recognize a food he's hesistant to eat it.

Mommy and Daddy love you Legree! You are so much fun and are SOO SMART!!

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  1. Such a smart little man! I can't believe how much happens in such a short time. It is so cool to see him grow and see where Ian could be in a few months :)