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Saturday, January 1, 2011

You're gonna eat those words one day!

When Legree stays at my parents house he always sleeps in bed with them. Why? Mainly because they let him get away with it. He NEVER, let me repeat, NEVER does that at home! He always lays in his bed, goes right to sleep and never complains or wakes up. He's really the best sleeper ever. But not when he's there! Well, until they let him get in bed with them of course. Which is fine with me, they can spoil him if they want, they are his grandparents! And they love having him close by all night. (Not for me, I need me beauty sleep and getting kicked all night is not my idea of fun).

Anyways, I always pick on mom about it that he only gets up there and it's their fault for spoiling him and that he NEVER EVER gets up at home! Well, what do you know Christmas night Legree woke up at 2 am. I thought something was seriously wrong because, like I said, he never gets up. Nope, nothing was wrong... he just wanted to get up and play with his tractors!! Seriously he screamed till we let him down to get on his new tractor. He was fine, played with it till 6 am and then went back to bed. I couldn't believe it! I deffinately had to eat my words on this one!!

Thankfully, it didn't become an issue and he has slept through the night and hasn't tried to pull that anymore. I guess I can understand all the excitement of all the tractors was too much and he just wanted to play more.

I didn't get a picture at 2 am because well I was exhausted beyond belief. I'm not used to getting up in the middle of the night anymore, but here's a picture from when he first got it... he was so very proud!!

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