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Friday, January 7, 2011

18 months

I just realized today that I didn't do an 18 month post for Legree! WHOOPS! Anyways, here's 18 little facts about our big guy...

1. Wears size 18 month clothes (24 month Pjs! WHOA!)

2. Is 32.5 inches tall and 25 pounds (a HUGE jump and is almost to the average mark for his age. He's been normally in the 5 to 10th percentile for his age)

3. Has 12 teeth (maybe more but I'm to scared to go in and check, I like my finger too much to risk it!)

4. Has started throwing temper tantrums if he doesn't get his way!

5. Has turned into a little monkey and is climbing up and onto EVERYTHING

6. Loves to help mommy do laundry! I take the clothes out of the washer and he puts them in the dryer and shuts the door when we're done. He also helps me unload the dishwasher by putting (throwing) the tupperware in the cabinet. He's understanding and responding to directions more and more!

7. Is just so much fun! He laughs, claps and dances for everything. You are one happy little boy Legree!

8. Loves to read his books. He likes to sit in my lap and for me to read him his tractor books (forget it if it doesn't have tractors in it) and then he reads it back to me.

9. He has started getting interested in the potty. I've been taking Legree to the potty with me so he knows what goes on in there and gets used to the words. He's started "using" the toilet paper(just taking it off the roll and wiping all over his body) and throwing it in the toilet. He also shakes his head yes when I ask him if he wants to use the toilet (but fails to tell me when he needs to go). I've been telling him he's "pooping" when I know he's pooping in hopes he'll come tell me one of these days! I feel like he's still too young for "real" potty training but I'm trying to ease him into it and not rush it but not ignore it either!!

10. LOVES his Papa (my dad) VERY dearly! They are two peas in a pod!! They get coffee together, brush teeth and "shave". He also loves for my mom to rock him to sleep and sing to him and play hide and seek. He loves Ben's mom SO much too! He loves for her to chase him around and watch tractor videos. He's got her wrapped around his little finger! He loves sitting in Ben's dad's lap and reading tractor magazine and pointing to all of the tractors.. it's so cute!

11. He is saying so much more. He said John Deere recently and is starting to say "sentences" now. Like when he eats something he really like he says "Izz zoo goo" (it's so good) or "Com on es go" (come on let's go).

12. It's snowed four times in his short life already! Twice last winter and twice this winter already! I think he knows as much about snow as we do! He sees it and says "sno"

13. He loves Kilo and checks on her several times a day. He laughs at her especially when she gets on our picnic table!

14. He has a new obsession over grapes and apples and constantly wants one or the other.

15. He also currently is obsessed with "juuu" (juice). He wants it and not his milk now!

16. We have been weaning him off of his "baa baa" (pacifier). He's been doing pretty good. He's better at home without Ben around. I think he knows Ben is a sucker and will give it to him!

17. We've been working on manners with him and he's got "please" down pat. But most of the time we still have to prompt him. But he's said it a couple of times this week to me without being prompted. I'm just trying to stay consistence and make him say please for everything he wants so he gets used to it! Ohh and he doesn't really say please... he says "MEAAAASSE" It's so cute! Next up we'll work on thank you but I'm trying to master one thing at a time with him.

18. He is a ham and loves to talk to everyone, wave, shake hands at church and smile at everyone! But he doesn't want to go to just anyone, he still is VERY attached to me in particular but also to Ben, my parents and his parents.

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