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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Math Equation

I've never been very good at math... it's just not my thing! But this is one baby math equation I think I've got the answer for!

2 teething/cranky/sleepy babys

+ X amonth of teeth coming in

+ 1 messy living room!

+ 2 hour long nap for the babies

+ 1 good clean up of the LR by mommy/Aunt Beth

x Lots of thought and work to build a cool little fort to keep their minds off of the teeth

+ Lunch
+ 6 teething tabs (for anyone with kids, Hyland Teething Tabs are a God send, get some, now!)
/2 babies

- ANY interest whatsoever in this cool fort...

+ 14 pillows
- The sheet and chairs making the cool tent
+ Lots of fun crawling all over the pillows (Ian is an EXTREMELY fast crawler, so all the ones of him crawling over the pillows are blurry, but he was right there with Legree!)
+ 30 pictures taken by Mommy/Aunt Beth


WHEW, thank goodness!
There will be a test tomorrow, study up kids!!

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