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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

15 months

15 minutes old

15 Months old

Ben and I's little boy is 15 months old tomorrow! Well, really in 3 and half hours he'll officially be 15 months old. It seems like yesterday to me, but yet still so far away. I wonder if I'll ever forget every little detail of that day. I don't see how! It all seems so clear and I remember so much about that day. You know how most memories kind of get hazy or unclear after so much time, not that day! Probably because it was the most special and wonderful day of our lives! Our little Boo was born! I can't describe what a blessing he is in our lives and how thankful we are that God blessed us with him!! He is amazing!
Anyways, enough mushiness... in honor of Legree's 15 month "Birthday" I thought I'd write down 15 memories from that day...

1) Stopping at Publix after church and getting Gatorade and sub sandwhich. I inhaled it as soon as I got home!

2) Ben left for work and I changed into PJs and layed on the couch and my water broke as soon as I layed down.

3) Ben had already taken the medicine for a clonoscopy that was scheduled for the next day, GREAT!

4) Calling Ben to come home and his HYSTERIA and my absolute calmness...

5) Getting to the hospital and them questioning weather my water broke or not (I knew it had, they didn't want to believe me since it was 16 days early).

6) My grade school teacher Mrs. Long coming in on her day off to be my nurse (She also was the one to make Ben and I's wedding cake)

7) I wasn't dialiating or contracting much on my own, even with my water broke so they started me on petocin.

8) Pastor coming to give a brief prayer and share God's word with us. The pitocen started to kick in around the time he came and by the time he left I was pretty sure I was dying (HAHA).

9) GETTING THE EPIDURAL! What a beautiful beautiful thing!!

10) Telling Legree to wait to come AFTER "The Next Food Network Star" because I didn't want to miss it.

11) Starting to feel pressure and wanting to push... I knew it was almost time! I finally started begging to push.

12) How hard it was to push!! No one warns you how hard that REALLY is... I knew it'd be painful I didn't know it'd be like running a marathon on top of the pain. And they turned my epidural off (BOO)

13) Ben looking up to tell me Legree's head was out!! He was so excited... I deffinately already knew!!

14) Legree finally coming out and all I could see was his privates and legs at first. Ben went to cut the umblical cord and I told him to be careful not to cut Legree's pee-pee.

15) The dr. laying Legree on me for the first time. I remember his face, what he felt like, what the room looked like.. it's like a video I can see in my head. Unreal, amazing and miraculous!


  1. I loved reading all of your special memories!!!! I definitely agree about how no one really explains how hard the pushing is going to be! I think I was more sore after from bearing down to push than I was from the actual birth. Hopefully, this second go around it won't be as hard since I already know how to push! LOL! yeah right! who am I kidding????

  2. HAHA, Shelley it might help if she's not almost 10 lbs like Carter too!! WHEW, I don't know how you did it!!