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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The world according to Legree...

Legree is now 23 months! I can't believe my little baby will be 2 years old next month!! So, in honor of the 23 month mark I thought I'd share some 23 month old "thoughts and ideas" according to Legree.

He sure is head strong and wants things his way already! When he gets an idea in his head it HAS To happen or a tantrum begins. We're working on that, but between mine and Ben's genes, stubborness is bound to be one of his fine qualities!

1. The word "green" does not exist. That color that you are referring to as "Green" is called "John Deere". You won't convince Legree otherwise.

2. The word "red" also does not exist. That color is "pink" and any shade of red or pink is "pink". Also, don't tell Legree otherwise.

3. All balloons are "mine bawoons" (Legree's) and he thinks he should have one whenever he sees it. Once we get home with a balloon, all interest is lost.

4. Pancakes and dip-dip (syrup) come before any form of drink in the morning. When Legree is ready for a drink, I hand it to him, he sits it on the table and then immediately picks it back up and starts drinking it. Why he can't just start drinking it when I hand it to him, I will probably never know!

5. If you say the word "fries" in front of Legree, you'd better be prepared with fries in hand to give to him. If not, you'll hear the word "fries" about 10,000 times until you hand them over.

6. Don't tell Legree you are going somewhere until you are 100% ready to walk out the door with him. Otherwise, tantrums will ensue!

7. ALL tractors are John Deeres. Doesn't matter what color or make they are, if they are real or just in a coloring book. They are John Deeres and he loves them.

8. Whenever I give Legree a blank page of paper to color on, he always "draws" (scribbles) and announces it's a choo-choo train.

9. Legree now knows when we are passing by the local park. If we don't pull in, I hear "park? go n there!" Over and over again...

10. Mommy's hair is solely for Legree's pulling and playing with pleasure. 23 months and I still can't break that habit. It hurts like crazy, but is so sweet too!

11. Once we get outside to go somewhere he generally bolts for the fence to see the dog. I have to tell him that we're going to see Ian or Kaylynn to get him to come too me. I think he'll probably catch on soon that we're not really going to see them (at least not all the time). So, I should probably stop huh?

12. If the dishwasher is open, he must help get the dishes out. It doens't matter if they are clean or not, they must come out.

13. No one is allowed near him while he is... doing his business. If you try he yells "nooooo" and hides.

14. The word "yes" does not exist. Instead if you ask Legree a question and he wants to answer in the affirmitive it is answered with "I do". Like: Legree, do you want something to eat? I do! Legree, do you want to ride tractors? I do! He never ever answers with a yes. So weird!

15. He will not say Grandma or any variation of it. I think he's said it about 4 or 5 times. He can say about anything now and he knows who his grandma's are, of course. But he refuses to say it!

16. Popsicles and syrup are their own food group and he tries to make sure I give him 5-6 servings of each a day. (That doesn't happen, but he begs constantly!) Here's Legree with a "pop". While he eats the "pop" he says Yum Yum! And then followed by... COOOOLLLD! And he shivers... that's what he's doing here.

17. If he doesn't recognize a food, he will not eat it. Even if it's really good. Like hot dogs. He won't touch them because we don't eat them too much. But I know if he'd just try it he'd like it. Ohh well!

18. Going "outsii" (outside) to play with "Kiwo" (Kilo) is an essential part of the day. Don't mess with this time or you will get a serious tantrum! We often "fight" about this everyday. I won't let him go out while he's tantruming over going out, which causes more tantrums, which causes more time outs. It's a mess!

Okay, that's all for now!

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