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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Legree did not disappoit!

Legree certainly did not disappoint me this year at the beach. Not that he really could... but I was super excited to see how he'd react to the wide open space, the sand between his toes, the waves, the waney (water). His reaction was better then I could have expected! Seeing these things through your child's eyes is like reliving the beach as a child again yourself. It makes you really appreciate the beauty, simplicity and fun that God gave us in a beach!

The highlights from the trip:

1. Legree running around and trying to keep up with all the "big kids" (his cousins). He played ball, danced, and showed off for them like I've never seen before! He was a hoot!

2. Legree loved the beach and wanted to go as deep as he possible could! Everytime a wave would hit him he would just die laughing. And he'd lick the water off of his face and say Yumm Yumm! ( So gross!).

Here's a picture of Legree going as deep as he would go. He would get mad if we tried to help him walk or stay steady in the water. When we let him go, he'd walk out until the water was up to his chin. SO SCARY for this mommy!!

Here's a picture of a wave hitting him and his reaction!! What kid likes getting hit in the face like that with water?? What a crazy boy!! (By the way, we did not normally let him get hit that hard with the waves. Although he would have loved it if we would have let him. This was a big one that hit him hard, he loved it, but normally we helped him jump them)

3. Ben and Legree build a sandcastle that Legree called a "Barn" for his John Deeres. He's always worried about where he's going to put his John Deeres. Even on the beach! He must have sat there an hour building onto his barn and playing in the sand.

We had so much fun at the beach we are ready to go pack! We were only there two days and only got to go out on the beach twice. We weren't planning on taking another beach trip and try to save the money, but we both decided we just have to. The memories are too special. We'll just cut corners and save money elsewhere. So, I think we'll be headed to Garden City beach sometime in August for the week with my parents!! I'm SO excited for them to get to see Gree out on the beach and playing. And they are too!!

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  1. Good call on going a second time. Its easy to skip out on some new clothes or skip a date night one month to save that money back. Especially bc you and Ben are so disciplined about saving (Something I need to do better at, btw!) Missing out on those things later will be SO worth it to build some more amazing memories as a family of 3. :)