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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesdays post

Well, as usual I'm a SLACK blogger. So I thought maybe if I set myself on a schedule I might do better. So, once a week and maybe I'll move up from there. I'm going to shoot for one post every Wednesday. So here goes...

This Wednesday we're going to talk a little about floors. Our carpet was gross! It needed to be taken out and changed. Ben and I are planning on putting the house in the market next spring and we knew this was something in our house that needed to be done before anyone would consider the house.

So, we picked out some nice (and inexpensive )laminate hardwood floors. So, hopefully it will help with the resale value of the house. Well, who am I kidding I just hope it helps to sell the house period!

Here's a picture of the new floor, complete with a cute little boy dancing with excitement over them!

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