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Friday, August 27, 2010

Oh goodness.. .she's on her soap box again!

Ok, so I know this blog is SUPPOSED to be about our family and what's going on with us etc. But I'm going to use it as my soap box to preach a little on for today...

I admit it I LOVE reading celebrity gossip. It's my guilty pleasure. I have ZERO drama in my life, so they keep be entertained and shaking my head constantly. But the cover of this People magazine really got under my skin! Take a look at it and see if it bothers you...

Why on earth is People after the Duggars and applauding Jennifer Aniston?? They are criticizing this beautiful family for welcoming the idea of another child. While cheering Aniston on to having a child without a husband. What happened to the notion of dating, marriage and THEN children? Children need a mom AND a dad! Both are equally important for equally important reasons.

The Duggars have 19 children and are there for them, support them, do not rely on any government assistance, have no debt, and are raising God loving children. Their children don't get into any trouble and are a BLESSING to society. A lot of people critcize the Duggars saying the older kids raise the younger ones. I really don't see that and I regularly watch their show. I'll be honest I used to think the same thing! But first off, there is NO way those kids are that well behaved if their 14 year old sister is RAISING them. Secondly, I always see Michelle and Jim Bob spending time with their kids, having devotions with their kids and guiding their children. Also, yes the older kids help out with the younger children. They help out, they don't raise them! And I think kids this day and age need more responsibility. This also helps teach them how to be good parents when they are older. Also, the younger ones help out!! Ever seen a three year old sweep and mop for real?? Watch the show, you will on there! They do it with a joyful heart and NEVER complain! Serious folks... watch the show! It's amazing! And no, they aren't slaves either... they clean up and they have TONS of fun together. Even the parents play with them!! I see them as someone I look up to! No, I don't ever want 19 children... but they are raising kids who believe, love and fear God first and fore most. They also have children who work hard and do it willfully and joyfully for their family. Also, they are completely debt free!! It's just amazing to me!! Why are we criticizing them again??

Now, Jennifer Aniston and other Hollywood types think that all you need is some money and a nanny to have a kid. Kids need so much more then that... and deserve so much more then that! They need a loving mother and father to raise them (like the Duggars). Children are NOT status symbols and something to be toyed with. They need to be loved for, taken care of, disciplined and guided in the right direction. God instructed man and woman to be married and THEN have children. This new notion of living togheter before your married, having kids before you get married, never getting married etc etc etc is so sad to me! This is what's wrong with society today. God help us all!

I pray that Ben and I can teach Legree and our (God Willing) future children to want to be more like the Duggars... and less like Jennifer Aniston!!

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  1. Amen! Preach on!

    I was just talking to other people about the negativity that surrounds parenting. It's like the people who have the most help (celebs) talk about how much work parenting is and the people who have the most children (Duggars) talk about what a blesssing children are. Praise God for placing people in this world who see having children for the blessing it is.

    That being said, 19 children aren't for everyone. :) If they didn't have it all together, I would be among those protesting. Since they have it all together and aren't in anyway a drain on society...I am all about letting them do what they do :)