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Sunday, August 22, 2010

I fed a crab a pretzel! And other fun beach memories...

We went to Garden City Beach this year for our first trip as a whole family with my parents. It was a blast! We rented a condo that was on the very end of Garden City, actually in Murrells Inlet. It was beautiful there! The condo actually was on the intercoastal waterway and had its own peir to go fishing or crabbing on. It was also on the second row off of the ocean, so not a long walk either! It was perfect! It also had a nice pool that overlooked the inlet. Our condo was on the first floor right by the pool which made for easy in and out. Here's a view from the pier at our condo out into the inlet...

I wanted to do a small recap of every day, but my memory is just not that good! So, I thought I'd share some of the highlights (and lowlights) that I do remember!

It was such a special trip having Legree with us. While, it wasn't as relaxing as beach trips in the past, it was more more entertaining and fun!! I used to sit out on the beach, get as good a tan as I could and read my books/magazines. Ohh not anymore! We can only stay out there an hour or so at a time before it was nap time again and I spent my whole time chasing Legree around! But I am NOT complaining... I LOVED every second of chasing that little booger around. He was so unbelieveably cute out there. As I was chasing him around and seeing his cute smile I said a little prayer to God and told him I knew I didn't deserve such a precious and wonderful child and I'm not quite sure why God intrusted ME with this sweet little miracle, but I couldn't be more thankful!!

Anyway, here's the highlights...

-Getting the car packed to the brim with all of our stuff and my parent's stuff! My parents, Legree and I rode together on the way there. Ben came later in the week due to some work obligations. We had every square inch of the Trailblazer packed down, including the roof!

- Arriving to find our really nice condo that we booked REEKED of cigarrette smoke.... thankfully the rental company gave us a nicer condo minus the horrible smell!

-Going to dinner at Gulfstream (California Dreamin's Seafood restuarant down there) the first night and Legree acting AWFUL!! I had to take him outside and miss my entire meal. He's usually an angel in restuarants but he decided he wanted to talk to everyone and was going to scream until I let him get down, walk around and talk! I took him outside and away from bothering everyone instead (and away from my yummy meal)

-Going to dinner at Mcdonald's the next night and he was a complete angel! UGH, why couldn't he have acted right at the nice place and horrible at Mcds?

- Going to our sister church congration in MB and hearing an amazing sermon from my pastor's 1st cousin! Pretty neat!

- Watching Legree giggle with delight when Grandaddy would go under the water and come back up... that was his favorite!!

- Legree chasing all the "bawww" (balls to the lay person) around the pool

- Legree discovering and falling in love with "bawooooos" (balloons to the lay person)

- Everyone stopping to tell us HOW CUTE Legree is! One guy even stopped jogging on the beach, came over to me to tell me... I love it!

- Legree flirting with the girls in the pool. They were teenagers and thought he was SOO cute. He'd wave at them and walk over to them and as soon as they start talking to him, he'd hold his hands over his face and turn around like he was shy. They'd giggle and say how cute he was... then it'd start all over again, precious!

- Legree running all over the beach for no reason, just because it's fun!

- Legree sitting in his swimming pool that grandaddy and Uncle Forrest dug for him. He wasn't leaving his precious area!

- Legree eating sand over and over again! We couldn't get him to stop!

- Legree learning what fish were... and calling them "ish"... So stinkin cute!

- Keeping Legree awake till 8:30 (a pretty tough thing to do since his clock is set to go to bed at 8:00 every night) till Ben got to the beach! He was so excited to see his daddy!

- Snuggling in the bed with Legree (Legree never sleeps good on vacation when he shares a room with Ben and I, he always wakes up around 4 or 5 am and crys, so I usually get him up and put him in bed with us and he goes right back to sleep). I woke up at 9am one morning and we both had slept in extra late and we were spooning! It was probably one of the most precious moments as a mommy!

- Ben and I taking a walk out on our pier at the condo and found lots of blue claw crabs out in the inlet. One of them was missing one of his pretty blue claws. We took pretzels out to snack on while we walked, so I threw the poor little guy one. He snapped that pretzel up and went to town. If it got away from him he'd reach his one little claw out till he found it and gobble up some more. I was so proud that I fed a crab a pretzel!! There is probably one stuffed little crab out there right now!!

- Seeing Legree's big smile every morning when he realized Grandmommy and Grandaddy were there and him jumping out of my arms to theirs!

-Taking Legree "downtown" Garden City and seeing his delight when he spotted the race cars... he wanted to ride one so bad, but he couldn't!

- Going out to eat and not having to do the dishes... not something we do a lot at home, so it was a nice treat for me!

- Outlet shopping with mom and Legree, need I say more??

- Legree discovering how much fun it is to rip all the clothes off of the racks at the stores...

- Eating Painter's Ice Cream... quite literally a life changing experience! YUM!

- Getting Legree his first pair of "Crocs" (I'm too cheap to buy the real thing, but we found some nice knock offs for $3.99, can't beat that!)

- Getting a good tan!

- Seeing Legree getting a little bit of a tan. I deligently and faithfully put sunscreen on him. I reapplied and made sure he had plenty on him, but he still got a little bit of tan! It's precious!

There so many more, but I'll leave it at all of these for now... we had a great time and I'm READY to go back now!! Although it is nice to be back home... now, onto this mountain of clothes I've got to get washed...

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